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Indirect Fired Diesel Heaters

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Indirect Fired Diesel Heaters

Indirect fired diesel space heaters are efficient pieces of equipment for heating a wide range of spaces safely and effectively. They feature a flue system which exhausts fumes produced during combustion out of the top of the heater, meaning only 100% clean, dry and fume free warm air comes out of the front of the unit. The warm air can be directed into spaces using flexible ducting hoses. Indirect space heaters are perfect for heating enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces safely, such as halls, marquees, tents, workshops, construction sites and more. They can also be used for drying applications, as the warm & dry air they produce helps to speed up drying times.

Indirect Fired Space Heaters

Perfect for heating enclosed & poorly ventilated spaces safely

Indirect oil fired heaters are tough and reliable space heaters that produce 100% clean, dry and fume free warm air. They are ideal for heating poorly ventilated, enclosed spaces such as marquees and tents, halls, workshops and more. They are very popular space heaters in the events industry, as clean warm air that they produce heats spaces effectively and safely, without causing harm to occupants within the space. Their portable design allows these space heaters to be put in place for a temporary application and then removed again when the event is over.

Our range of portable indirect fired space heaters includes models from some of the best brands in the industry – including Master, Arcotherm & Thermobile. These heaters can be fuelled using standard diesel, red diesel or kerosene. An internal fan is powered by electricity and used to draw air into the heater and expel the clean warm air out of the front of the unit.

Flexible ducting hoses can be attached to the outlets on these heaters, to vent the warm air into the space or the area you wish to heat. Indirect fired diesel heaters can also be used with a thermostat, which allows you to set a required temperature within the space. The thermostat will switch the heater on and off as required in order to maintain the set temperature, adding convenience and saving money on fuel.

Indirect oil fired space heaters can also be used to assist with drying applications on site. As warm air is able to hold more moisture than cold air, heating a space you wish to dry using warm air helps moisture to evaporate into the air, which can then be collected by a dehumidifier. Refrigerant dehumidifiers also work better in heated spaces, therefore further improving drying times.

We have a wide range of indirect fired space heaters available online, in different sizes to suit all kinds of different spaces. The Master BV77 is an very popular 20kW indirect fired heater. It is ideal for heating small marquees and tents, halls and workshops. Its compact size makes it very easy to transport to and from a site. We also have much larger models available, such as the Arcotherm Jumbo 145M – a 137kW industrial heater ideal for heating large marquees and buildings and multiple areas on large work sites.

Indirect diesel heaters are the industry standard heaters for marquees and events – we have even created a range of ‘Indirect heater packages’, which give you everything you need to heat a marquee, hall or other space with one of these indirect diesel heaters. (What's more - we even have FREE DELIVERY to the UK mainland on those heater packages!)