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Water Damage Dehumidifiers


Water Damage Dehumidifiers

Using dehumidifiers for water damage restoration is an effective technique. An industrial dehumidifier will continue to collect any moisture in the air and recirculate dry air to allow the cycle to continue until the space is dry.

Dehumidifiers For Water Damage Restoration

Effective & efficient space drying solution

Water damage due to leaks, floods and bad weather can be a disaster for any area. It is incredibly stressful and laborious to remedy. Water damage is not limited to what it affects, and it can happen at home, work, in schools, on roads, construction sites and more. Almost any area that has plumbing, is near sea level, or where there’s a risk of extreme weather could suffer from flooding or leaks at some stage.

Once any standing water is removed from an area that has been flooded, the walls, floors, furniture and other items will remain soaked through and wet. If left alone, the retained water will cause damage such as warping, decay, rusting, mould growth and can even spread bacteria.

A water damage dehumidifier will dry the air and then recirculate it so that it can collect more moisture, and the process can continue. Eventually, all of the remaining water will be pulled from the walls, floorboards, and carpets, leaving the area safe and ready for further restoration work.

We have a great range of industrial dehumidifiers for water damage restoration available. We have dehumidifiers from quality manufacturers, such as EBAC, Master, Thermobile, Broughton, Dantherm and Aerial. We also have dehumidifiers from Dri-Eaz - specialists in restorative drying equipment.

Our industrial dehumidifiers and building dryers are portable and robust units that can sustain the demands of challenging conditions. We offer a variety of drying capacity machines for all size spaces, models with integrated condensate pumps and optional pump kits for continuous use without emptying. We also have a selection of floor dryers and submersible water pumps, to help you recover as quickly as possible.