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Ecor Pro EPD330LGR Low Grain Dehumidifier 150 Litres

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  2 Year Warranty

  • Extracts Up To 150L/Day
  • Operating Temp Range 4-38°C
  • Sturdy Rotomoulded Case
  • Integrated Humidistat
  • Built-In Water Pump
  • Electronic Controls & Microprocessor
  • Industrial Dehumidifier For Challenging Environments
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Ecor Pro EPD330LGR Low Grain Dehumidifier

Exceptional energy-efficiency per extraction litre

The Ecor Pro EPD330LGR is a large low grain refrigerant dehumidifier. It is an industrial product that is ideal for drying after restoration, renovation, construction and other demanding applications. Low grain dehumidifiers continue to remove water from a space even when the relative humidity is very low. This level of performance is what makes them so suited to flood recovery and trade. 

This  versatile dehumidifier has an operating temperature range of 4°C to 38°C and a maximum extraction rate of 150 litres. It also has a single fan speed of 1,000m³/hr, offering consistency and reliability at all times. There is also an automatic restart function, which ensures that the dehumidifier will restart in the event of a power outage, making it ideal for use in areas with frequent power cuts. You can use this Ecor Pro dehumidifier continuously.

The EPD330LGR uses an integrated water pump that can lift to 3.5 metres and comes with a 12-metre push-fit drainage hose. You can use it to draw moisture out of basements and trenches as easily as you can from ground level spaces. You can also duct the side air outlet, allowing for focused spot drying, and use it in tented areas for faster drying times. There is a replaceable carbon filter protected by a tough aluminium frame that is wipe clean and lockable in position. It captures dust and other particles, ensuring that the air is clean and healthy to breathe.

The roto-moulded plastic body is robust and durable. It does not rust, and you can easily remove the panels to access the drain tray, pump, and all components for servicing. The outer casing is designed to be impact-resistant and durable, providing protection to its internal components and being able to withstand collisions. This industrial dehumidifier is freestanding, with four rubber feet for stability. The low profile design is designed for stacking, which is ideal for transport and storage. There are grip handles on either side of the machine and two integrated wheels for easy carrying and dragging.  

The Ecor Pro EPD330LGR low grain dehumidifier is user-friendly. It has a front panel with electronic controls and a clear readout. From here, you can adjust and view all the modes and available information. This Ecor Pro dehumidifier is energy efficient with optimum compressor operating times based on an internal microprocessor calculation to optimise performance. With the intuitive panel, you can control the humidistat, water purge, and other functions. The built-in humidistat offers easy monitoring and adjustment of the humidity levels. In addition, you can see input and output humidity and temperature readings, run time hours, power consumption, coil temperature, and more.

The unit is also easy to repair, as you can eaily remove the side panels and top cover to access to the drain tray and water pump and other electrical parts.


Weight: 44.8kg
Dimensions: 415 × 520 × 620cm
Technology: Low Grain Refrigerant/Compressor
Water Extraction:
150 L/day (35°C RH95%)
90 L/day (30°C RH80%)
50 L/day (27°C RH60%)
Efficiency: 301 Watts per Litre
Voltage / Frequency: 220-240V ~50Hz
Rated Power: 965 W (27°C RH60%)
Rated Current: 4.3 A (27°C RH60%)
Cord Length: 5m
Humidistat Inside/Option: Yes/Yes
Carry Handle: 2 grip points on each side
Water Tank: No
Fan Speeds/Sound: 1/60dB (A)
Operating Temp: 4°C/39°F — 38°C/100°F
Power Out Restart/Works From DC-AC Convertor: Yes/No
Airflow m³/hr: 1,000
Approval: CE, ETL, CETL, GS, RoHS
Refrigerant: R290 / 0.265 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 705 x 450 x 530 mm
Drain Hose: 12 m


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Ecor Pro EPD330LGR Low Grain Dehumidifier

  • Extracts Up To 150L/Day
  • Operating Temp Range 4-38°C
  • Sturdy Rotomoulded Case
  • Integrated Humidistat
  • Built-In Water Pump
  • Electronic Controls & Microprocessor
  • Industrial Dehumidifier For Challenging Environments


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