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Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers


Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers

Wall mounted dehumidifiers provide a continuous drying solution for areas that are susceptible to high relative humidity levels. They can be used in a wide range of spaces, from the home, garages, basements and cellars, to commercial and industrial spaces such as data centres, museums, galleries, spas, workshops, drying rooms, utilities plants, factories and warehouses. They allow humidity levels to be controlled to prevent a build-up of condensation, damp and mould, as well as to prevent damage to materials and equipment within the space, or to dry materials in manufacturing and food production processes.

Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers

Fixed drying solutions for domestic, commercial & industrial areas

We have an excellent range of wall mounted dehumidifiers available to order online or over the phone with our sales team. Our range includes fixed dehumidifiers from some of the best brands in the business – including Aerial, Calorex, Dantherm, Ebac and Ecor Pro. We also have a great choice of sizes available, suited to areas of different sizes, from homes, garages and cellars, right up to large halls, warehouses and factories.

We have fixed dehumidifiers that can be mounted high up on walls, on ceilings, in crawl spaces, as well as at floor level. Models such as the Calorex DH15 and Aerial AD110 are compact and discreet units, ideal for use in garages to preserve classic cars, in storage and archiving rooms to protect the materials stored within. Larger wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 30 can be used in museums, galleries, drying rooms, data centres and other larger commercial areas to maintain ideal humidity levels. We also have swimming pool dehumidifiers available, designed to handle harsh chlorinated water conditions. The Ecor Pro D950 can be mounted to a wall at floor level, whilst the Ecor Pro DSR20 can be mounted on a ceiling, even in a conjoining room, and ducting can be used to vent air into the dehumidifier from the space.