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Classic Car Dehumidifiers


Classic Car Dehumidifiers

A classic car dehumidifier helps to preserve and protect your investment by managing relative humidity levels in garages and display rooms. A unit can be installed quickly and easily to prevent condensation, damp, mould, corrosion and rust.

Classic Car Dehumidifiers

Car storage & classic car preservation

Classic car preservation can be a rewarding and fulfilling hobby. However, whether you keep your vehicles in a garage, storage unit or a display room, damp conditions can be a major concern.

As with any car storage, if there is excess moisture present for long enough, it can lead to rust and corrosion. Excess moisture can damage body panels, mechanics, electronics and connections. It can also affect car upholstery, creating musty odours, sticky and uncomfortable seats, and even allowing mould growth.

Classic car dehumidifiers remove the excess moisture from the air of the storage areas to prevent damp conditions. They draw in humid air and recirculate dry air to ensure that vehicles can be stored safely and indefinitely. Classic car dehumidifiers are ideal for both general car storage and the preservation of vintage and collectable cars.

We have an excellent range of commercial dehumidifiers for classic car preservation available. We have wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 30 and the Dantherm CDF 50. They are high performance machines that are easy to install. They simply require fixing to a wall and connecting to a power supply and drain for continuous operation.

We also have floor standing dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 150 and the DH 300BY. They are high capacity dehumidifiers that can extract between 150 and 300 litres of water per day. They can be positioned where they are needed, and they are ideal for larger spaces.

Dehumidifiers offer an efficient and effective drying solution. They are a suitable alternative to heating, and some models, like the Calorex DH 30AX, feature a 2kW electric heater. The inbuilt heater warms the air of the room, allowing it to collect more moisture so the dehumidifier can work more efficiently and there is no need for additional heating. Commercial dehumidifiers provide incredible energy savings and can even reduce running costs up to 75%.