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Drying Room Dehumidifiers


Drying Room Dehumidifiers

Drying room dehumidifiers remove all of the excess moisture from these areas that are designed to dry wet clothes, workwear, uniforms and equipment. Drying room dehumidifiers are ideal for fire stations, lifeboat stations, construction sites, military camps and more.

Drying Room Dehumidifiers

Keep drying facilities free from moisture

In some industries and leisure sectors, workwear, uniforms, kit, and equipment can get wet due to the nature of the activities involved. Fire stations, lifeboat stations, military camps, sports clubs, outdoor activity centres and construction sites are all examples of places where clothing and gear can get wet regularly. In these places, it is important to have drying rooms, where items can be hung and dried quickly. Drying rooms are convenient for when the equipment news to be reused, and for the comfort of the individuals. Some offices and schools also have drying rooms.

You can convert any room into a drying facility by installing appropriate benches, hanging rails and a drying room dehumidifier. These commercial dehumidifiers draw in the ambient air and extract the moisture before recirculating dry air around the space. The condensate is either gravity fed or pumped through the wall via a hose and into a suitable drain or system.

Drying room dehumidifiers are efficient and effective. They remove moisture from the space rapidly, accelerating the drying process of the other items in the room. As there is no need to keep the room heated, running costs and the energy consumption is extremely low.

We have an excellent range of refrigerant dehumidifiers for drying rooms, designed to be wall mounted for permanent and continuous use. The Calorex DH 15, DH 30 and DH 60 are all compact, fully automatic units that fit into these areas comfortably. The Dantherm CDF 50 can extract up to 34.8 litres of water a day, with an operating humidity range of 40 - 100%.

If your drying room requires a high capacity, floor standing dehumidifier, we have the Calorex DH 150, DH 300BY, and the 600BY. These units are powerful, 3 phase machines with huge extraction rates of between 150 - 600 litres per day.