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Electric Fan Heaters


Electric Fan Heaters

Electric fan heaters provide a fast, convenient and clean form of heat. They are available in a wide range of sizes and voltage options, to suit all kinds of different spaces. Whether you are looking for a compact electric heater for home use, or a large portable electric fan heater for commercial use or industrial use, there is a suitable model in our range. All of our fan heaters are high quality units, manufactured by top brands, and come with manufacturers warranties.

Electric Fan Heaters

Fast, clean & effective heat for a wide range of spaces

We have a wide range of portable electric fan heaters available to order online or over the phone with our sales team. These electric space heaters offer an easy to use, quick, clean and effective heating option for a wide range of different spaces. Our range includes small 240v fan heaters, ideal for use in homes, offices, shops, cafes and more. We also have a great selection of 110v options for more industrial areas like workshops and construction sites. Our range also includes industrial 3 phase electric fan heaters, suited to heating large industrial spaces like warehouses and factories.

These heaters are ideal for keeping people warm, as well as for aiding in faster and more efficient drying. As warm air is able to hold more moisture than cold air, moisture evaporates from surfaces and materials quicker in warmer spaces than in colder spaces. Refrigerant dehumidifiers also work more efficiently in warmer spaces. Therefore these electric heaters can be used alongside a dehumidifier to offer faster drying times when dealing with condensation and humidity problems, when drying out spaces following floods and leaks and when managing humidity in spaces with sensitive materials and equipment which could be damaged by high humidity.

Our range of Master portable electric fan heaters offers conveniently sized units for all kinds of different spaces – as they are available from 3kW size up to 22kW size, and there are 240v, 110v and 3 phase models available. Dania SH wall mounted electric heaters are ideal for installation in spaces looking for a more permanent solution, such as workshops and halls. Some of our large industrial electric heaters like the Broughton FFHT32 and the Master B18 can even be used with ducting, so the warm air can be directed to different areas on construction sites and renovation projects.