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Small Dehumidifiers


Small Dehumidifiers

Small dehumidifiers are perfect for temporary or irregular use as they are compact & portable. Although smaller units usually extract less moisture from the air, they are ideal for flats, apartments, bungalows, offices & mobile homes.

Small Dehumidifiers

There is a popular demand for smaller dehumidifying units because of their versatility and convenience. When we have rooms that suffer from the effects of trapped moisture, whether it is condensation on windows, mildew around windowframes, or mould spots on walls or ceilings; sometimes we only need to make small changes to make improvements.

A good range of indoor humidity for comfort and health is between 30-60%. Mould is likely to occur if the relative humidity is 70% or more, while keeping humidity levels under 50% also helps to prevent dust mites. Thinking about this, it makes sense that you only need to dehumidify certain spaces temporarily. For example, the humidity in a bathroom, kitchen, flat, office, or mobile home might increase in the colder months when you keep windows closed. In these types of spaces, a small, portable dehumidifier is perfect, as you can use them when needed, and store them away the rest of the year.

Small units are cheap to run, so you might use one when drying clothes or just to improve the overall atmopshere of a stuffy, clammy room.