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Climate Dry is an online specialist in dehumidifiers and drying solutions. We have a wide range of models available to buy online, from some of the best brands in the industry. Our selection includes refrigerant and desiccant units, as well as a wide choice of portable and static units. We have models suitable for all kinds of areas – including the homes, commercial buildings, and industrial settings.

Why Use A Dehumidifier?

There are a number of general reasons to use a dehumidifier, including:

  • To prevent condensation, damp & mould
  • To dry a room following a leak, flood, or construction & decorating work
  • To preserve sensitive materials & equipment that could be damaged by high humidity levels
  • To dry materials during industrial processes, manufacturing and food & drink production

Within each of these general uses, there are many individual, specific and niche applications. Our wide range ensures that we have a model suited to any application, in any environment.

Take a look at our wide range available online. You can view by type or by application. If you need any help or advice as to which dehumidifier is best for your needs, simply get in touch with our sales team via telephone or online live chat.

Types of Dehumidifiers

We have both refrigerant and desiccant machines available to buy online. Refrigerant dehumidifiers - also known as compressor or condensation dehumidifiers - are the most common and well known type. They use a set of refrigerated coils to extract moisture from the air via condensation. They are cheap to run and suited to drying a wide range of spaces. They work best in temperatures above 15 degrees but some high quality models work effectively as low as 5 degrees. Below that temperature level, a desiccant unit is best. Desiccant models extract moisture from the air using an absorbent material on a rotary wheel, which absorbs moisture from the air. They are very effective in colder conditions - even well below freezing. So they are ideal for more challenging areas and harsher conditions.