Industrial Fans


Industrial Fans

Our industrial fans are ideal for providing ventilation to a wide range of different areas. These portable fans and air movers create an airflow within a space which can be used to introduce fresh air, to remove fumes and to promote the evaporation of moisture from floors, walls and other surfaces. Using a ventilation fan along with a dehumidifier helps to speed up drying times, as the fan helps the moisture to evaporate into the air and the dehumidifier can then extract the moisture from the air.

Industrial Fans & Air Movers

Speed up drying times and create healthier environments

Our range of industrial fans includes drum fans, air movers, fume extractors and ventilation fans in a wide range of sizes. These fans can be used in workshops and on construction sites to provide a stream of fresh air into dirty spaces, and to assist with heating and cooling of areas.

All of these industrial fans are robust and well made pieces of equipment, designed to cope with harsh site conditions.

Models such as the Master BLM 4800 or the Broughton VF300 can be used on their own or with ducting. The ducting can be used to bring fresh air in from outside, or to blow fumes out of the space and outside.

Fans such as the Master DF 20 or the Master DF36 can be used to provide ventilation to large industrial spaces, including workshops, industrial units, warehouses and factories. They can be used for cooling areas on warm days.

All of these portable industrial fans create an airflow which helps to speed up drying times on site. They are perfect for use following construction work, renovations, decorating and during flood damage restoration jobs, along with a dehumidifier, in order to promote faster and more efficient removal of moisture from the space.