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Climate Dry is an authorised retailer of dehumidifiers, space heaters and more from the top brands in the industry. Our products are built to last and provide years of reliable service. These products do require some maintenance over the years to ensure they continue to offer efficient performance.

Dehumidifier Servicing

Many of our dehumidifiers are designed to perform in challenging commercial and industrial environments. Spaces where knocks and bumps are commonplace, and where the air can be dirty and dusty. Operating in such areas over a long period of time does take its toll on any equipment. Even when used in the home, dehumidifiers can become clogged with dust and lose efficiency. Therefore occasional servicing of your dehumidifier may be required.

If your dehumidifier has lost efficiency and performance capabilities over the years, it may be due a service.

If you have purchased your dehumidifier from us, we can provide you with the support needed to get your dehumidifier serviced in an efficient and effective manner.

Even if you simply require new consumable parts, such as dust filters or condensate hoses, we can supply these pieces of equipment to keep your dehumidifier running effectively.

Space Heater Servicing

We can provide service kits for Master and Arcotherm oil fired space heaters that allow you to service the heater yourself, at your convenience.

It is simply a case of cleaning certain internal components and replacing some worn components.

Oil fired space heaters - such as our indirect heaters from Master, Thermobile and Arcotherm - should be serviced at least per year to ensure that they remain safe, produce maximum power and burn at maximum efficiency.

We can provide service kits for the indirect fired diesel heaters that we sell, allowing you to service the heater yourself, at your convenience and keep your heater running in top condition, without the cost and inconvenience of arranging for an engineer callout.

Enquire online or over the phone with our sales team for more information.