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Commercial Dehumidifiers


Commercial Dehumidifiers

We have a great range of commercial dehumidifiers available to buy online. We have solutions for all kinds of commercial spaces, from some of the top brands in the industry. Whether you are looking for a dehumidifier for an office, shop, hotel, restaurant, workshop, IT suite, museum, gallery, sports hall, gym, spa or swimming pool, we have a suitable machine available.

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Professional drying solutions for all kinds of businesses

Our range of commercial dehumidifiers includes high quality portable and static units. Whether you are looking for a mobile building dryer to tackle high moisture levels in different environments or a fixed wall-mounted dehumidifier for permanent humidity control, we can supply a suitable solution for areas of all sizes.

These dehumidifiers are tough units with excellent capacity to remove large volumes of moisture from the air. They can dry out commercial spaces following leaks and floods and dry areas out following construction and decorating work. They can manage humidity in spaces that produce lots of moisture - such as gyms and spas. These dehumidifiers can also control moisture levels in rooms with sensitive materials and equipment that need to be preserved, and assist with drying out materials during production and manufacturing processes.

Our range of portable dehumidifiers includes the Master DH732. This handy unit is ideal for tradespeople looking for a robust, easy to use and easy to transport option for drying out on site. The Calorex DH30 wall mounted dehumidifier offers a great option for drying rooms, data centres and more.