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Infrared Heaters


Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters offer an efficient and effective form of spot heating in a wide range of areas, including construction sites, workshops, warehouses, workstations, offices and much more. Infrared rays heat surfaces, objects and people directly, rather than warming the air. This makes them ideal for heating small individual areas within larger spaces, where people are working or where a job is taking place.

Infrared Heaters

Convenient & efficient heating for specific spaces

Infrared heaters provide a natural and completely safe form of heat. These heaters feature a heating element or lamp and they convert electric power into infrared heat, transmitting as electromagnetic waves through the air. These waves are absorbed by objects, surfaces and people, causing them to warm up.

Infrared is a form of light, so it travels in straight lines and reduces over distance. So these heaters are designed for spot cooling people and surfaces in specific areas. They provide an energy efficient way of heating specific areas within larger spaces. For example, if you are sat at a workstation within a large workshop, it would not be economical to heat the whole workshop just to keep you warm. An infrared heater provides the perfect solution.

Our range includes portable infrared heaters on wheels, such as the Broughton RG308, which can be moved easily around and area, as well as compact infrared heaters such as the Master TS3A, which can be carried around a site and used wherever required. We also have wall and ceiling mounted infrared heaters available, such as the Herschel IPR4, which offer a more permanent solution in workshops and factories.

Infrared heaters can also be used for drying applications, following leaks and floods, in areas with condensation and moisture problems. Heaters should not be used for drying in some applications, such as for drying concrete, plaster and paint, as this can lead to cracking.