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Warehouse Dehumidifiers


Warehouse Dehumidifiers

Warehouse dehumidifiers control the relative humidity and remove excess moisture from the air within warehouses. They help to prevent rust and corrosion from affecting stored metal, equipment and machinery.

Warehouse Dehumidifiers

Prevent metal corrosion & other problems

Warehouses are used to store a variety of different goods, from metals to furniture and more. Due to their nature and size, the climate inside a warehouse can fluctuate regularly, causing stress for the inventory, equipment and machinery.

Excess moisture in warehouses can rust and corrode metals, cause rot in woods, and it can also lead to mould and bacteria growth. It can make the area unfit for purpose, and it can also make the environment unsafe and unpleasant for staff or customers. The humidity can cause condensation to form on surfaces, make the air feel sticky and uncomfortable, and also allow foul odours to occur.

A warehouse dehumidifier can control and reduce the level of relative humidity from the area. They draw in large quantities of humid air and allow the moisture to condensate on the internal refrigerated coils. As the water separates from the air, it flows into a drainage system, and the dry air is heated and recirculated into the space. Dehumidifiers are effective and practical solutions to controlling humidity in warehouses, and they are also economical. They are cheap to run, and they can help to reduce additional heating costs because of how they work.

We have an excellent range of commercial dehumidifiers for warehouses available. We have free standing dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 150, Dh 300BY and the DH 600BY. These are high capacity, robust machines that can cope with large quantities of humid air in demanding environments.

We have wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 30 and the DH 60, which can be installed permanently to save floor space. We have versatile units, like the EBAC K100P, which can be wall mounted or placed on any sturdy surface. We also have a great selection of portable dehumidifiers for smaller areas.

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