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Basement Dehumidifiers


Basement Dehumidifiers

Basement dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from within damp rooms and spaces below buildings. They have designs and features that allow them to work efficiently in these types of areas.

Basement Dehumidifiers

Versatile drying solutions for lower floor rooms

Lower floor rooms below buildings, such as basements in homes, can suffer from common issues with damp and excess moisture. It might not seem like an immediate problem if you do not really utilise the space for anything important. However, the moisture in basements can have adverse effects on the rest of the building, and damage any stored items if it is left unmanaged.

A basement dehumidifier can remove this excess moisture from the area before it can take hold and cause problems. Keeping the site dry will help to prevent all of the issues, such as damp, mould, decay and odours. A basement dehumidifier will also improve the air quality, so you will be able to turn the space into an active part of the house.

Dehumidifiers for basements come in different shapes and sizes and we have a great range available. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are fine if your basement is generally warm or heated and above 5℃. Models like the Woods MDK11 have internal tanks that collect water, and have condensate outlets to flow into a drain. You can use lightweight, portable dehumidifiers that are easily moved from place to place, such as the EBAC CD35. You can also use models that can be installed permanently, such as the Dantherm CDF 10 wall mounted dehumidifier.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are more suitable for basements that are colder. They can work efficiently in freezing temperatures without their function being affected, so they are ideal for vacant basements that are unheated in winter. Desiccant dehumidifiers remove moisture in the form of vapour, so they do require access to an external point. Models like the Ecor Pro DH800 and DH1200 can be installed into cavities and confined spaces so that they can be ducted outside easily.

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