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Storage Dehumidifiers


Storage Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier is an essential piece of equipment for storage facilities They regulate the relative humidity within the space to protect and preserve the stored items and equipment from damp, moisture damage, rust, rot, corrosion and deterioration.

Storage Dehumidifiers

Convenient solutions for preservation applications

Storage areas used for a variety of items, such as machinery, electricals, documents, art and more, can contain excess moisture if the atmosphere is not maintained correctly or regulated. If there is moisture trapped within a storage room, it can result in conditions that are not appropriate for holding goods. It can cause condensation on surfaces, and create an environment where mould and mildew can grow. Rust, rot, corrosion and deterioration are issues that are commonly experienced.

A storage dehumidifier regulates the relative humidity of indoor storage rooms, archiving facilities and more, to remove excess moisture from the air. They help to protect and preserve stored items, improve the air quality of the space, and also protect the architecture of the building.

We have an excellent range of industrial and commercial dehumidifiers for storage applications available. We have refrigerant dehumidifiers that can be wall mounted, such as the Calorex DH 15AX, DH 30 and the DH 60. These are energy efficient machines with fully automated operation and integrated humidistats. They can run continuously and unsupervised.

If you require a more flexible drying solution, we have floor standing dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 150, DH 300BY and the DH 600BY. These are large, high-capacity units that you can place in the best location, and connect to a drain.

We have desiccant dehumidifiers that are effective and efficient in colder conditions. They are ideal for storage areas that need to be kept at low temperatures for the preservation of wine, food, or sensitive materials. Desiccant dehumidifiers, such as the Aerial ASE 200, ASE 300 and the Ecor Pro DH2500 can remove moisture in rooms that are kept below 0℃. They are compact and portable, and they can even be connected using flexible ducting.

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