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Heater Bundle Deals


Space Heater Bundle Deals

Everything you need for drying & climate control applications

We have a range of package deals available on heaters. They are ideal for all heating applications in various spaces, whether you are using warm air to dry out an area or control climate.

Our heater packages include quality appliances and accessories offered together at a low combined rate. They are ideal for water damage restoration, structural drying, wet trade drying, marquee heating, and more. All of the heaters we supply provide clean, warm air, that is free of fumes, odours, and humidity. They are safe to use for public areas, and for enclosed or unventilated spaces.

With these drying packages, you get everything you need to set up an efficient drying or heating system. Accessories include ducting, heat splitters, remote thermostats, protective covers, flue sections, and more.