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We have a wide range of portable space heaters available to order online or over the phone, suited to heating and drying all kinds of different spaces. Our range includes electric fan heaters, infrared heaters and indirect fired diesel heaters. All of these heaters are tough and robust pieces of equipment that produce clean heat. We have options for domestic properties, as well as commercial spaces and challenging industrial areas.

Space Heaters

High quality portable heaters for clean and dry heat

Our range of industrial space heaters includes electric fan heaters, infrared heaters and indirect fired diesel heaters. All of these portable space heaters produce clean, safe and dry heat, so they can be used for heating people within a space safely and to assist with effective drying of spaces.

Warm air is capable of holding more moisture than cold air, therefore evaporation of moisture into the air is faster in warmer conditions. Refrigerant dehumidifiers also work best in warmer conditions. Therefore adding heat to a space that you wish to dry with a refrigerant dehumidifier helps to speed up the drying process.

Using heat to make your dehumidifier more effective and speed up drying times is ideal for applications such as flood damage restoration, renovations, tackling condensation and damp problems and managing humidity in sensitive spaces with materials and equipment that could be damaged by high moisture levels. For some applications, such as drying plaster, concrete and paintwork, it is best not to use heat for drying, as this can lead to cracks and shrinking. Ventilation fans offer an ideal alternative for speeding up drying times in these applications.

Electric Fan Heaters

Our electric space heaters feature an internal fan and heating element. The fan draws air into the heater, where it is heated by the heating element, and then blown out of the front of the heater. We have electric fan heaters available in a selection of voltage options – including 240v, 110v and 400v – and in a range of sizes, from 2kW all the way up to 42kW. So whether you are looking to heat a room in a house, an office, a workshop, a warehouse or a construction site, we have a suitable portable electric heater for the job. We have everything from compact and portable Master portable electric fan heaters, all the way up to the Broughton FF42 3-phase industrial electric heater.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared is a type of radiant heat, which heats objects, surfaces and people directly rather than the air. Infrared heaters offer an efficient and effective method of spot heating, to keep workers warm on site and to assist with drying surfaces suffering with moisture problems. These portable electric heaters are robust and well-made pieces of equipment that offer great convenience and ease of use on site. Our range includes portable infrared heaters on wheels such as the Broughton RG308 infrared heater, as well as ceiling mounted infrared heaters for more permanent usage, such as the Herschel IRP4 2600 infrared heater.

Indirect Fired Diesel Heaters

Indirect fired diesel heaters burn diesel oil to produce heat. They feature a combustion chamber, heat exchanger and flue system which allows fumes produced during combustion to be exhausted out of the top of the heater, while an internal fan blows only clean, fume-free warm air out of the front of the unit. These heaters can be used with ducting, so the heater can be placed outside and flexible ducting used to vent the warm air into the space. Indirect fired heaters are ideal for heating enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces such as marquees, halls and workshops where people are present, as the warm air is clean and fume-free. They can also be used to assist with drying on construction sites, during renovation projects and more, as the heat produced is also dry. We have indirect heaters available in a range of sizes, from the 20kW Master BV77, all the way up to the 225kW Master BV691 Airbus jumbo indirect heater.