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Garage Dehumidifiers


Garage Dehumidifiers

Garage dehumidifiers remove the excess moisture from dark, cold and damp areas. They prevent condensation, humidity, mould and mildew to protect stored items, vehicles, equipment and tools from damage.

Garage Dehumidifiers

Compact & robust humidity control

Domestic garages are generally dark, unheated, confined spaces. They are very cold in the winter, humid in the summer, and they are easily accessed by rainwater and other elements. Due to these factors, many garages suffer from damp conditions, which can be bad for cars, bikes, equipment, tools and other stored items - especially if they are perishable, like paper and cardboard.

A garage dehumidifier can remove moisture from the air, preventing condensation, damp spots and humidity - conditions that lead to rust, corrosion, mould, mildew and weathering. Controlling the humidity in a garage can improve the environment and ensure that your belongings are stored safely.

We have a great range of garage dehumidifiers available, including portable, free-standing and mountable models. Dehumidifiers for garages are robust and compact. They are designed to withstand the changeable and challenging conditions while offering longevity and reliability. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are suitable if the space is generally warm or heated. Desiccant dehumidifiers work more efficiently in cold temperatures - even freezing conditions.

If you want to use a refrigerant dehumidifier to keep your garage dry, you will need to empty their water tanks regularly, or have them connected to a suitable drain for continuous operation. Dehumidifiers like the Woods WCD2 and the Ebac CD35P are mobile and can be pushed into any garage and connected to an outlet hose. We also have wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH15AX and the Aerial AD110 that are perfect for garages. Both models have integrated humidistats and can be set to maintain a preferred climate automatically, and they are designed to operate continuously.

Desiccant dehumidifiers will need access to the outside because they remove moisture as water vapour, so they will need to be connected to an exhaust or ducting. The Ecor Pro DH800 and DH 1200 can be installed permanently into wall cavities, ceilings, cupboards and other small spaces and connected to an outlet leading outside.

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