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Laundry Dehumidifiers


Laundry Dehumidifiers

Laundry dehumidifiers allow you to dry wet clothes indoors quickly when drying outside is not an option. They remove water from laundry without the negative health consequences or the risk of bringing damp and mould into your home.

Laundry Dehumidifiers

Dry clothes indoors safely

During bad weather, in the winter, or when space outside simple is not available, we tend to dry our washed clothes indoors. As most homes do not have a specified room for drying clothes, you can be forced to drape clothes over radiators, bannisters, chairs in different rooms. Drying clothes this way can take a long time, increase heating bills, and take up a lot of space. More of concern is that up to 30% of moisture found in the home is attributed to wet clothes. If you leave clothes to dry indoors, the moisture leads to damp, condensation, and the spread of mould spores, dust mites and other allergens.

A laundry dehumidifier can provide a solution for drying wet clothes indoors safely, quickly, and without any of the negative implications. As clothes dry and release moisture into the air, a dehumidifier will draw the humid air in and collect the condensate. It will collect water in an internal tank instead of allowing it to circulate the area, avoiding condensation on windows and damp on other surfaces.

We have a great range of home dehumidifiers for drying laundry available. The Woods MDK11 has a 10 litre extraction capacity and a stylish, modern design that suits homes perfectly. The EBAC CD35 has a 10 litre extraction capacity and a 4 litre water tank so that it does not require emptying as regularly. If you dry a lot of laundry indoors, the Master DH 720 has a larger extraction rate of 20 litres and a 5 litre water tank. This dehumidifier also has a UV lamp which kills germs and bacteria to ensure it circulates cleaner air.

All of these home dehumidifiers are compact and portable enough to move around your home easily. They are quiet while running, feature integrated humidistats, are easy to empty and are user-friendly. If you plan on having a designated room especially for drying clothes and storing laundry, we have wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Dantherm CDF 10. This dehumidifier can remove up to 7.5 litres of water per day. It has a condensate outlet that you can connect to a hose so that excess water can flow into a drain, and you can install a 5.5 litre tank.

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