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Water Pumps

We have a great selection of submersible water pumps available to order online. These electric pumps can be used as submersible flood pumps, to remove flood water from homes, basements, cellars, construction sites, as well as commercial and industrial premises.

Submersible Water Pumps

Ideal for pumping flood water and dirty water away

Our range of submersible pumps includes manual water pumps and automatic water pumps with a float switch. Manual water pumps are designed to run continuously, and manually shut down once the flood water has been removed. Automatic flood pumps feature a float switch which automatically activates the submersible pump as the water level rises, and shuts the pump down once the water level lowers. We also have dirty water submersible pumps, which have a higher capacity for moving solids - up to 7mm in diameter. All of our water pumps come with a 10m power cord and a lifting and lowering rope. You can add 10m layflat ducting to your order as an optional accessory. This ducting allows the water to be pumps out and away from the space. You can order a submersible water pump online using our online checkout, or online or over the phone with our sales team.