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Loft Dehumidifiers


Loft Dehumidifiers

A loft dehumidifier helps to prevent condensation, damp and moisture damage from occurring in attic spaces. When moisture is trapped in a loft, it can cause damp, mould growth, odours, rot and also damage stored items. The right dehumidifier can prevent these kinds of problems in homes and other buildings.

Loft Dehumidifiers

Prevent condensation in loft & attic spaces

Why do lofts suffer from moisture problems? These days, many buildings have well insulated ceilings. Insulation helps to keep rooms warm in the colder months, which it great. However, this also means that most lofts and attics are colder than the rest of the building. Cold attic spaces are at the greatest risk of moisture problems. If humid air makes its way into a loft space, condensation can form on the cold surfaces. Lofts can also contain more moisture if the ventilation is poor or there is a water tank installed. There could be a leak in the roof, or steam rising and seeping in from bathrooms below.

When circumstances traps moisture in lofts and attics, it can lead to damp, mould growth, rot, and bad odours. It can also affect items that you store there. Items like furniture, documents, electrical equipment, and metal objects, can suffer.

Loft dehumidifiers can extract the excess moisture from the ambient air. They also remove it from the space, preventing the occurrence of condensation. We have an excellent range of desiccant dehumidifiers available online. These machines are ideal for domestic areas and commercial lofts or attics. For example, the Ecor Pro DH800 and Ecor Pro DH1200 dehumidifiers work in very cold conditions. They are compact and lightweight dehumidifiers that you can leave running. You can install them into confined spaces, and they also work at any angle, so they are perfect for lofts . You can also duct these dehumidifiers, so you can vent the vapour out of the space.

We also have refrigerant dehumidifiers that are suitable for controlling moisture in lofts. The Aerial AD110 is a compact, wall mounted dehumidifier with excellent extraction capacities. If you need a more temporary drying solution The EBAC CD35P and the Master DH 26 are fantastic. These models are portable, with convenient handles and vast operating temperature ranges.

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