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Workshop Dehumidifiers


Workshop Dehumidifiers

Workshop dehumidifiers control the relative humidity and remove the excess moisture from home and commercial workshops. They are ideal for sheds, garages, units and other properties.

Workshop Dehumidifiers

Protect equipment, tools & inventory

Whether you have a workshop at home for hobbies, such as woodworking, model building or painting, or you are a professional tradesperson - controlling the relative humidity in your workshop can be very important.

Excess moisture within a workshop can lead to the rust and corrosion of tools and equipment that can be expensive to replace. It can ruin the materials you use, ruin paint, and more. The condensation that forms on windows and other surfaces can get into walls and floors, causing mildew and mould to grow and eventually allowing rot and deterioration to set in. Problems such as these can be disastrous for sheds, garages and units, and it can also make the environment unsafe and unpleasant. The presence of odours and mould spores in the air can make it difficult to breathe and aggravate allergy symptoms.

A workshop dehumidifier can control the relative humidity within a space, and remove excess moisture from the air. It will help protect your equipment, tools and materials, improve the climate and air quality, and preserve the building itself from humidity damage.

We have a fantastic range of commercial dehumidifiers for workshops available. We have portable refrigerant dehumidifiers, such as the EBAC CD35, the Woods WCD2 or the Master DH 26. These units are compact and can be used in any workshops as when they are needed.

If you need to continuously control the moisture of a workshop when it is unattended, we have wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Dantherm CDF 10 and CDF 50, which can be connected to a permanent drainage system. If the workshop is unheated and is often cold and damp inside, desiccant dehumidifiers, such as the Ecor Pro DH800 and the DH1200 are ideal. These units have operating temperatures of -20℃ to +40℃, and they can be ducted so that they remove moisture from the space as water vapour.

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