Construction Dehumidifiers


Construction Dehumidifiers

A tough and robust construction dehumidifier can be used dry out rooms following building or renovation work. Speeding up drying times increases productivity and improves finishing quality.

Construction Dehumidifiers

Portable & robust industrial drying solutions

During construction work and building renovation, there are a lot of wet processes that need to dry completely before work can progress. Concreting, plastering and painting are all important steps of a construction project. Each one can take time to dry or set properly before the schedule can move on, and faults can set timescales back further.

Construction dehumidifiers dry out areas that are undergoing work quickly and efficiently. They accelerate the drying rate of wet processes and also ensure that the quality of the work and the finish is perfect. Dehumidifiers ensure that concrete floors always settle at the correct moisture level, prevent cracking and distortion in cement and plastic, and avoid peeling paint. They can also be used to dry out construction sites that have become wet due to leaks or the weather.

Industrial building dryers for construction are robust and portable units. They are designed to sustain regular use in challenging environments and resist the impacts that are common on site. They are lightweight and portable, so that you can carry them around a site easily, and also store them conveniently.

We have a huge range of construction dehumidifiers available from some of the best brands in the industry – including Dantherm, Calorex, Aerial, Master, Dri-Eaz, Ebac, Woods, Ecor Pro, Thermobile, Broughton and more. We stock both refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers with a variety of extraction capacities, to ensure that we have a model suitable for all your requirements.