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Floor Dryers


Floor Dryers

Floor dryers are specially designed air movers which circulate a concentrated flow of air over a floor surface in order to speed up drying times following leaks and floods, cleaning, decorating and construction work. These floor blowers can be used on both hard floors and carpets. They can be transported easily from job to job and used as required in order to dry floors and carpets. They feature tough outer casings and efficient internal fans which provide great airflow over the surface to increase moisture evaporation.

Floor Dryers

Specially designed air movers for drying floors and carpets

These floor drying fans are designed to throw out a laminar airflow over a wet floor surface, in order to promote evaporation of moisture into the air. They are ideal for use on construction sites and renovation projects to assist the drying out of plaster, screeds and paintwork, as well as following cleaning work, leaks and floods.

These air movers can be used as floor dryers and carpet dryers. They are best used in tandem with a dehumidifier, as the airflow that the fan produces helps moisture to evaporate from the floor surface and the dehumidifier is able to extract that moisture from the air. This prevents problems with condensation, damp and mould from developing within the space.

Floor fans such as the Dri Eaz Dri Pod are favoured by flood restoration and cleaning professionals. These compact and convenient air movers offer 360 degree airflow, for fast and effective drying all around the machine.

Some models, such as the Master CD5000 floor dryer and the Dr-Eaz CFM 100 air mover, can operate in a number of different positions, so the airflow can also be directed up walls and on to ceilings, for faster drying of walls and ceilings following decorating and plastering work.