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Factory Dehumidifiers


Factory Dehumidifiers

Factory dehumidifiers help to maintain dry indoor conditions in factories and production plants. They help to remove unwanted excess moisture, protecting equipment, inventory, air quality and more.

Factory Dehumidifiers

Drying solutions for general industry & production sectors

Factories, production plants and other industrial facilities can be prone to excess moisture due to the nature of some processes. Running machinery, steam production, mixing liquids, and more can contribute to the humidity, and ventilation alone is not always sufficient.

When an industrial building is too humid, the unwanted moisture can cause a variety of problems. Condensation on windows and other cold surfaces can collect and allow mould growth and water deposits that could cause slips and falls. The accumulation of moisture can rust equipment, damage electricals, affect hygroscopic materials, spoil perishables and more. It can lead to unhealthy air quality, with mould spore and other allergens easily spread, plus bad odours. If left unmanaged, excess moisture can also eventually lead to the decay and deterioration of the architecture.

We have a great range of industrial dehumidifiers for factories available. We have large, 3 phase and free standing dehumidifiers, such as the Master DH 7160, the Calorex DH 300BY and the Calorex DH 600BY. These are powerful units that can extract 100s of litres of water per day. They can operate fully automatically, with integrated humidistats, defrost cycles and condensate outlets so they can be connected for permanent drainage.

For smaller factories or areas with less floor space, we have high capacity ductable dehumidifiers, such as the Ecor Pro DSR20. The DSR20 can be installed into wall cavities, rafters and in maintenance rooms, while humid air is fed directly into it through ducts. We also have wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 110, which is available as a 230v or 3 phase unit.

For more information and advice on which factory dehumidifier would be best for your needs, contact our sales team via telephone or live chat.