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Ebac CD30 Dehumidifier 10 Litres

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  1 Year Warranty

  • Extracts Up To 10L/Day
  • Gravity Drained
  • Zinc Coated All Steel Shell
  • Stoved Epoxy Finish
  • Adjustable Humidistat
  • Hot Gas Defrost
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Ebac CD30 Static Refrigerant Dehumidifier

For commercial & industrial areas

The Ebac CD30 dehumidifier is a compact, static unit ideal for controlling relative and excess moisture in commercial and industrial areas. You can use it for protecting buildings, tools, machinery, cars, equipment, basements, labs, garages, factories, warehouses, and showrooms. Dehumidifiers reduce building maintenance costs and damaged inventory due to dampness and excess moisture.

The CD30 is a robust and durable unit with a zinc-coated all-steel shell and a stoved epoxy finish. The construction offers incredible resilience in busy, demanding environments. It features built-in carrying handles and a fitted moulded plug, allowing you to place it anywhere, switch it on, and leave it to work unattended. This dehumidifier is freestanding, but there is an optional wall bracket available as an extra, so you can mount the unit to a wall if needed.

This static refrigerant dehumidifier is gravity drained and features an adjustable control humidistat that enables you to choose a set level of relative humidity and dryness. When the relative humidity varies from the selected settings, the dehumidifier will automatically shut off or switch on. Using a humidistat allows you to minimise running costs and ensure that there is no over-drying or over-saturating. The Ebac CD30 also has a hot gas defrost function with electronic control, which automatically melts ice build-up on the refrigerated coils to ensure efficient and reliable operation in colder conditions. It can remove up to 10-litres of water per day.


Height (mm): 300
Width (mm): 304
Depth (mm): 550
Weight(kgs): 23
Voltage: 230
Phase: 1
Frequency(Hz): 50
Power(kW): 0.36
Current(A): 2
Airflow(m3/hr): 150
Noise Level(dba): 50
Effective Volume(m3): 85
Typical Extraction(l/d): 10
Min Operating Temp (°C): 3
Max OperatingTemp (°C): 35
On/Off Control Via Humdistat: Yes
Carrying Handles: Yes
Hot Gas Defrost: Yes
Electronic Defrost Timer: Yes
Wall Mounting Bracket: Optional
Rubber Anti Vibration Feet: Yes
Refrigerant Type: R134a
Free Standing: Yes
Gravity Drain: Yes
Cable Wrap: No
Moulded Mains Plug: Yes
Stoved Epoxy Finish: Yes
All Steel Construction: Yes


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Ebac CD30 Dehumidifier

  • Extracts Up To 10L/Day
  • Gravity Drained
  • Zinc Coated All Steel Shell
  • Stoved Epoxy Finish
  • Adjustable Humidistat
  • Hot Gas Defrost


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