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Boat Dehumidifiers


Boat Dehumidifiers

Boat dehumidifiers control the humidity within and remove excess water from moored boats, waterborne vessels and marine buildings. They protect areas, interiors and equipment from damp, condensation, salt and chlorine corrosion and mould while they are not in use.

Boat Dehumidifiers

Compact & portable drying solutions

When a boat is stationary for a prolonged period, the damp conditions can cause a variety of problems for the maintenance of the vessel. Surrounded by water, a boat’s deck and interior areas can be pelted by sea spray and rain, while the relative humidity of the sea air is generally high already. Sails, ropes and clothes are also left soaked after use, and they can retain quite a lot of water, which will eventually escape and seep into every crevice possible.

Trapped humidity and excess moisture on boats lead to condensation and damp, which can then contribute to the growth of mould, rust and corrosion. Damage can be particularly aggressive because of the presence of salt, chlorine and other harsh chemicals in the water. If left unmanaged, humidity within boats can ruin equipment, spoil interiors, damage electronics and machinery, and result in unpleasant smells, dangerous, slippery surfaces and more.

Improving ventilation can curb some of the issues caused by humidity on boats. However, open hatches allow more seawater and bad weather to get inside, and it may not be a great idea if the boat is left unattended. A boat dehumidifier can operate continuously while your boat is vacant. It will remove the excess moisture from the air and vent it out of the space, while circulating dry, regenerated air. Removing this moisture from within a boat will dry the space and prevent condensation.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal for marine applications. They work efficiently in cold temperatures, even extreme conditions below freezing. They are robust and resilient enough to sustain the challenging demands of marine use. Boat dehumidifiers are also lightweight, compact and can be installed anywhere. They can fit into confined spaces and even run upside down - and they are unaffected by the motion of the sea.

We have an excellent selection of boat dehumidifiers available, with a range of extraction capacities. The Ecor Pro DryBoat range features 220v and 110v models, with a sleek design and innovative technology combined in convenient units. They are ductable and versatile dehumidifiers with integrated humidistats and automated reset functions, so they are ideal for safe, continuous operation.

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