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Ventilation Fans

Our range of ventilation fans includes industrial fans and air movers, drum fans and floor dryers. Ventilation is an important part of any drying process, as the airflow that fans create helps to promote evaporation of moisture from surfaces, walls and floors. Used with a dehumidifier, ventilation fans help to speed up drying times on site following leaks and floods, construction work, decorating work and cleaning work.

Ventilation Fans

High airflow for drying, cooling, heating & improving air quality

Portable ventilation fans are fantastic pieces of equipment in the armoury of many tradespeople. They have a versatile array of uses, so they can be used on a wide range of different jobs to perform different roles.

Firstly, ventilation fans are key for drying applications following leaks, floods, construction, renovation and decorating work, or cleaning jobs.

The airflow that they create over floors, walls and surfaces helps moisture to evaporate into the air. Once in the air, the moisture can be extracted by a dehumidifier. On many flood damage restoration jobs, a couple of air movers or floor fans will often be used in a room with a dehumidifier, in order to provide faster and more efficient drying.

Ventilation fans offer much more reliable drying performance than heaters in many scenarios. For example, using heaters to dry plaster, concrete or paintwork could lead to cracks. Ventilation is a much better option than heating to speed up drying times in these applications.

Models such as the Master DFX20 air mover or the Dri-Eaz Vortex ventilation fan offer excellent airflow for drying applications. The Master CD5000 floor dryer and Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod are specifically designed for applying airflow to floor surfaces.

Drum fans, such as the Master DF30, are ideal for providing fresh air to industrial spaces with little ventilation. They can also be used with heating and cooling systems to distribute the warm or cool air over larger spaces. Portable extractor fans such as the Broughton VF300 or the Master BLM6800 can be used with ducting to extract fumes from spaces with little ventilation, as well as to provide a supply of fresh air to these spaces.

We have ventilation fans in a range of sizes available on our website. So whether you need to ventilate specific rooms on the job or large industrial areas, there are suitable models in our range.