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Broughton FFHT32 Industrial Electric Heater 18kW

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  2 Year Warranty

  • 18kW Heating Capacity
  • Ductable to 10m
  • 32A 3 Phase (400v) Power Supply
  • Portable Design
  • 100% Clean, Fume-Free Warm Air
  • Integrated & Remote Thermostat
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Broughton FFHT32 Industrial Electric Heater

Powerful 18kW 3 phase space heater

The Broughton FFHT32 is a 18kW three-phase electric fan heater with an airflow rate of 1533m3/h, rapid temperature rise of 75℃ and the capability to hold a room at temperatures up to 60℃.

The FFHT32 delivers high volumes of warm, clean, odourless, fume-free air in any space. They safe to use in enclosed spaces and insulated rooms, where direct oil and gas space heaters are not suitable. It is ideal for industrial and commercial heating applications, such as on construction sites, factories, warehouses, temporary buildings, event marquees and more.

The Broughton FFHT32 industrial heater comes with a remote thermostat and a machine mounted thermostat. These units also have double over temperature protection, which shuts down the element but keeps the fan running to cool down quicker.

It will then automatically reset after five minutes or once the temperature has dropped to a safer level. In the event of a major fault, the safety limit thermostat will shut down the heater entirely and a manual reset will be required once the unit has been checked.

The Broughton heater has simple controls to switch between the full 18kW heating capacity, a reduced capacity of 12kW and a fan-only mode for ventilation during warmer months.

It also has an integrated ducting spigot, which allows easy connection to lengths of flexible ducting. We have 10 metre lengths of 300mm diameter insulated aluminium and standard aluminium ducting available to purchase as an accessory.

The Broughton FFHT32 is a high temperature industrial electric heater that should only be used with the recommended 300mm aluminium ducting. Do not use the space heater with reducers, plastic flexible ducting or other accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

Please note: The 10m insulated aluminium ducting is held in stock. The standard aluminum ducting is made to order. Please be aware that there may be a delay in delivery if you order your Broughton FFHT32 industrial electric heater with the standard aluminium ducting.


Heat Output: 18kW / 12kW / Fan Only
Approx Airflow Rate: 1533m³/hr
Fan Type: Axial
Max Delta T: 75C
Current: 28A
Supply: 32A 415v 3PH+N+E Plug Size: 32A 5 Pin
Spigot: 300mm
Mobility: Portable
Remote Thermostat: Included
Dimensions (inc spigots and castors) HxWxD (mm) 520 x 350 x 902
Weight: 30kg
Overtemp Protection: Yes
Max Ducting: 10m
Warranty 2 Years


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Broughton FFHT32 Industrial Electric Heater

  • 18kW Heating Capacity
  • Ductable to 10m
  • 32A 3 Phase (400v) Power Supply
  • Portable Design
  • 100% Clean, Fume-Free Warm Air
  • Integrated & Remote Thermostat


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