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Broughton EAP

Broughton Electro Air Products

Industrial drying & humidity control equipment

Broughton EAP produces industrial drying and humidity control equipment that is suitable for the most demanding sectors. Their products are ideal for drying the wet processes of construction and remediating water damage. You can also integrate Broughton equipment into warehouses, factories, workshops and more.

Broughton Electro Air Products is a privately owned British company which supplies to the global market. The company is one of Europe’s most reputable and well established manufacturers of industrial climate control equipment. From their UK office based in Redditch, Broughton products are designed and manufactured in house.

The company has a great range of equipment that is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Broughton dehumidifiers are refrigerant units built to high standards. They feature resilient components and durable steel bodies with powder coated finishes - designed to offer impact resistance during regular site use. The Broughton CR40 has a 38 litre extraction rate, the CR70 has a 70 litre capacity, and the CR170 can remove up to 169 litres of water. All of these dehumidifiers can collect water in a collection tray and feature a gravity fed outlet for continuous drainage. They are also compatible with condensate pumps that can lift extracted water from low areas, such as basements and excavations.

Broughton also produces a vast range of portable electric heaters and extractor fans. These versatile units can be used on their own to ventilate or heat industrial areas. However, they excel when used in combination with other Broughton equipment to provide an effective drying solution.

We are an official supplier of Broughton EAP equipment. Take a look at the full range available on our website. You can order online or over the phone with our sales team.