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Master Climate Solutions

Master Climate Solutions

World leading manufacturer of air processing equipment

Master Climate Solutions produces a huge selection of air processing and climate control equipment for a range of applications. Their product range is designed to dry, heat and to ventilate, so that operators can adjust working conditions, speed up drying processes and remediate water damaged areas.

From headquarters in Denmark, the company designs industrial climate control equipment and has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers on the market over the past 50 years. With subsidiaries located across the UK, China, Russia, UAE and Germany, Master supply dehumidifiers, space heaters and industrial fans worldwide.

Master dehumidifiers are designed for home, commercial and industrial spaces. The DH 720 and the DH 721 are compact, portable units for humidity control in smaller commercial areas such as shops, offices, and homes. They reduce the relative humidity of a space to prevent condensation, mould growth and humidity damage. They also help to improve ambient air quality and make public areas more comfortable.

For more demanding commercial and industrial use, Master has portable, robust units that offer excellent impact resistance. Some models, like the DH 752, have a sturdy steel outer case, while models, like the DHP 65, have a shock-resistant plastic shell. These dehumidifiers are resilient in fast-paced, busy environments, and they can cope with regular storage and transit. They are ideal for spot drying construction and decoration work, drying areas following a flood, and for reducing the excess moisture in damp areas outside, in buildings, sewage treatment plants, waterworks, factories and warehouses. For permanent humidity control, there is the DH 7160. This machine is a large cabinet industrial dehumidifier with a massive extraction rate that can be installed in warehouses, garages, cargo storages and other storage facilities.

Master’s varied range of portable electric heaters, indirect fired heaters and fans are also suitable for a huge variety of applications and sectors. Each unit can be used on its own, for heating, drying and ventilation. However, these machines thrive when used together with a dehumidifier. They combine to form an effective and efficient drying solution that reduces process times, downtime and improves finishing quality.

We are an official supplier of Master Climate Solutions equipment. Take a look at the full range available on our website. You can order online or over the phone with our sales team.