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We supply a wide selection of Arcotherm indirect fired industrial space heaters. These tough & robust heaters produce only clean, fume-free warm air, so they can be used to heat & dry poorly ventilated indoor areas safely, including construction sites, warehouses, halls, marquees & more.


Indirect fired space heaters for drying & heating enclosed spaces

Arcotherm produces a wide range of space heaters for climate control in a range of demanding spaces. Their products are ideal heating solutions for construction sites, workshops, warehouses, factories, halls, marquees, events and more. Arcotherm’s indirect space heaters provide clean, dry air that is safe to supply to enclosed and populated areas, as well as suitable for drying applications.

Arcotherm space heaters are manufactured by Biemmedue - a specialist industry-leading space heater company founded in Italy in 1979. The equipment is manufactured at a 25,000m2 factory, using the very best innovative laser cutting systems, automatic shearing and punching lines, robotised welding lines, and an advanced epoxy powder coating line.

Arcotherm indirect space heaters feature a flue system, which separates waste products from clean, dry air. As the fuel is burned, the warm air is expelled out the front of the machine by powerful fans, while the moisture and fumes are exhausted via the chimney. These are powerful heaters that provide large volumes of hot air for any space. The hot air allows any retained moisture from surfaces and objects to evaporate quickly so that the area can dry out efficiently. Indirect heaters can be used alongside dehumidifiers and ventilation fans for drying water damaged areas, construction wet processes and more.

Arcotherm indirect fired heaters are versatile and are suitable for home, commercial and industrial drying. They can be ducted so that you vent dry heat into a space while the unit is outside. You can also use the heater inside the area and construct the flue so that it leads outside. This flexibility of how you can use the heater makes it perfect for all kinds of spaces.

We are an official supplier of Arcotherm EC indirect space heaters. Take a look at the full range available on our website. You can order online or over the phone with our sales team.