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Calorex UK

Calorex UK

Refrigerant dehumidifiers for niche markets

Calorex UK produces a specialist range of dehumidifiers for humidity control and moisture removal in specific and demanding areas. Their products are ideal for controlling the relative humidity in commercial and industrial sectors and for preservation applications.

The Calorex brand is part of the Dantherm Group, which has more than 60 years of experience in the climate control equipment market. Since 1977, Calorex has operated from offices in Maldon, UK, with a team of in-house designers, engineers and product managers responsible for producing innovative and forward thinking equipment.

The company’s range of dehumidifiers is ideal for a variety of niche commercial and industrial markets. Their wall mounted dehumidifiers, such as the Calorex DH 15, DH 30 and DH 60 are suitable for offices, modular buildings and warehouses. They are also ideal for buildings containing sensitive materials, such as archives, libraries, museums, galleries, car storages and other areas that deal with preservation.

For more industrial areas, such as factories, garages and production plants; their floor standing dehumidifiers are excellent humidity control solutions. All Calorex dehumidifiers are high performance, high capacity appliances. As they can cope with large quantities of water daily, they can be used within leisure centres, gyms, drying rooms and more.

We are an official supplier of Calorex dehumidifiers. Take a look at the full range available on our website. You can order online or over the phone with our sales team.