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Wood's Dehumidifiers

High quality, efficient compressor dehumidifiers for home & professional use

Wood's produce high quality, domestic, commercial and industrial dehumidifiers that are ideal for humidity control and the removal of excess moisture. Their portable dehumidifiers prevent the effects of humidity damage, such as mould growth, rust, rot and bad odours. They also have more professional dehumidifiers that are suited to drying water damage, construction work and controlling humidity in more demanding environments.

Wood's first began manufacturing dehumidifiers in 1950, in the Canadian city of Guelph, Ontario. Now, after 60 years and now based in Sweden, the company produces reliable, high capacity dehumidifiers for a global market.

The company’s dehumidifiers are some of the most energy efficient and economical on the market. They feature heat pumps that recycle most or all of the energy they use to dehumidify into heat. They supply warm air to areas while they dry the air, which cuts the energy costs of additional heating at home and in larger spaces. Warmer air can also retain more moisture, so the heat pumps allow the units to work more efficiently and in colder spots.

Wood's MDK11 and MDK26 dehumidifiers are stylish and compact. They are ideal for small rooms at home, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. They also suit contemporary offices and small shops. For harsher rooms of the house, such as basements, lofts, garages and sheds, the SW22FW and SW38FX dehumidifiers are more rugged and can cope better with the conditions.

Wood's also has a range of professional dehumidifiers for use in commercial and industrial spaces. The WCD2, WCD3 and WCD4 dehumidifiers are portable and robust - perfect for use on construction sites and drying out wet processes, like concreting, plastering and painting. They are also ideal for humidity control and drying in warehouses, workshops and factories. When dealing with high volumes of moisture, such as drying water damaged areas following a leak, flood or fire, the Wood's WCD8HGH Pro can remove up to 49 litres of water a day.

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