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Ebac Industrial Products


Industrial dehumidifier manufacturer

Ebac produces a versatile range of dehumidifiers for water damage restoration, construction work, damp reduction and humidity control in demanding areas. Rather uniquely, Ebac dehumidifiers are explicitly designed for the UK climate.

Ebac is a family-owned British company that has been making quality products for almost 50 years, founded in 1972 by John Elliott. The company designs and manufactures their equipment in the UK, and their range includes domestic, commercial and industrial dehumidifiers, as well as air movers.

Their mobile dehumidifiers, such as the BD 70, BD75 and the BD150, are perfect for drying out water damaged rooms. You can use them in all kinds of spaces and conditions after leaks, floods, fires and bad weather. These are robust and versatile machines that are also ideal for drying the wet processes of construction and renovation, such as concreting, plastering and painting.

Models such as the Ebac CD35 dehumidifier are smaller units, designed for use in garages, workshops and rooms around the home. They tackle humidity problems that cause condensation, mould, rot, rust and other issues that can affect the area. Large models, such as the K100P, are designed for controlling humidity levels in commercial and industrial spaces. They prevent moisture damage to items and materials within the area and are perfect for offices, server rooms, archive rooms, storage spaces, museums, leisure facilities and museums.

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