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Dri-Eaz DrizAir Flood Damage Drying Package FREE Delivery

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  • Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier
  • Elite EHFH Electric Heater
  • Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Dryer
  • High-Capacity Drying Package
  • Excellent Value
  • Free Delivery
  • Est. Dispatch: April 2024
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Dri-Eaz DrizAir Flood Damage Drying Package

Dehumidifier, fan heater & floor dryer combination

The Dri-Eaz DrizAir  Flood Damage Drying Package contains 3 high quality pieces of equipment, designed to work together to dry out areas following a flood, leak, fire, and other water damage. The Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Flood Damage Drying Package includes:

A Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier. This industrial dehumidifier can remove up to 55-litres of water in 24 hours. The DrizAir 1200 is a lightweight unit with semi-automatic wheels, a rigid handle, and integrated loading skids. The outer shell is made from rotomolded polyethylene, which provides incredible durability and impact resistance. The Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 also features an automatic condensate pump and a drain hose.

An Elite EHFH Electric Fan Heater. This portable heater can operate at 40w, 1.4kW or 2.8kW, and has a powerful fan for excellent circulation. The EHFH is lightweight and very robust. It also features an integrated thermostat and over temperature protection.

A Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Floor Dryer. This floor drying fan has an air throw of up to 3 metres and directs air from above and into a 360° pattern across a floor surface. The Dri-Pod floor fan can be used on hard floors and carpets. It is lightweight and compact and can be carried easily and used in confined, awkward spaces.

Please Note: The equipment we supply with our packages is dual voltage or 240v as standard. 110v equipment may be available upon request - contact our team for enquiries and more information.


DrizAir 1200 Specs:
Type: Standard Refrigerant
Water Removal (32.2°C/90% RH): 55 L / Day
Water Removal (26.7ºC/60%RH) 28 L / Day
Amp Draw: 6.7 A (110V) or 3.0A (230V)
Power Consumption: 0.737 KW / Hour for the 110V or 0.69 KW / Hour for the 230V
Operating Temperature Range: 1 - 38 °C
Operating Humidity Range: 40 - 100 %
Dimensions (H × W × D): 83 × 50 × 50 cm
Weight: 36 KG
Airflow: 325 M³ / Hour
Controls: Electronic Touchpad (4 Languages)
Hour Counter: Yes
Humidistat: No
Remote Monitoring Capability: No
Refrigerant Type: 410A
Defrost: Hot-gas Bypass
Compressor: 1.954 KW (110V) or 1.868 KW (230V)
Average Noise Level: 55 db (110V) or 60 db (230V)
Condensate Removal: Automatic Pumpout - Centrifugal
Drain Hose Length: 12.2 M
Power Cord Length: 7.6 M
Plug: 2P+E 16A BS4343 (110V) or 3 Pin BS1363 (230V)
Air Filter: 3M™ HAF (High Airflow Filters)
Housing: Rotomoulded Polyethylene
Wheels: 30cm Dia Semi-pneumatic
Handle: Rigid
Cable & Hose Storage: Yes
Stackable: Yes - 2 Units For Storage
Safety Mark: CE

EHFH Specs:
Heating Output: 40w / 1.4kW / 2.8kW
Heating Elements: 2 x 1400w
Motor: 1300RPM 30w
Dimensions: 295 x 295 x 435 mm
Weight: 4.2kg

Dri-Pod Specs:
Speeds: One
Operating positions: 1
Max actual airflow: 1270 m³/hour
Amp draw: 0.5 A
Power consumption: 0.12 KW / Hour
Dimensions: H × W × D : 22.5 × 38.5 × 38.5 cm
Use weight: 4.8 KG
Controls: on/off switch
Housing: Injection Moulded, Wire Grill
Stackable: Yes
Cable wrap / storage: Yes
Power cord length: 7.6 M
Plug type: 3 Pin BS1363
Safety cutout: Thermal

What's In The Box

1x Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Industrial Dehumidifier
1x Elite EHFH Electric Heater
1x Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Dryer
FREE Delivery (Mainland UK)


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Dri-Eaz DrizAir Flood Damage Drying Package

  • Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier
  • Elite EHFH Electric Heater
  • Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Dryer
  • High-Capacity Drying Package
  • Excellent Value
  • Free Delivery
  • Est. Dispatch: April 2024


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