EBAC DD1200 Static Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier 190 Litres

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  • Extracts Up To 190 Litres Per Day
  • Duct Air In & Out
  • Operating Temp Range -20°C to 40°C
  • Tough & Robust Build Quality
  • Two Variable EC Fans
  • Integrated Electronic Humidistat
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Ebac DD1200 Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier

Robust Moisture Control for Large Industrial Spaces

The Ebac DD1200 desiccant dehumidifier is tailored for a diverse range of industrial sectors, offering effective humidity control to prevent condensation, mildew, damp, mold, corrosion, and moisture damage in large industrial spaces. Versatile for use in warehouses, factories, laboratories, waterworks, archives, cold stores, and more.

With an impressive capacity to extract up to 190 litres of moisture per day, the DD1200 operates reliably even in extremely low temperatures, outperforming traditional compressor dehumidifiers. Its desiccant mechanism utilizes a moisture-absorbent silica gel rotor, effectively reducing air humidity while maintaining robust performance.

Featuring an internal PTC heater, this model efficiently reactivates the silica gel rotor, ensuring continuous moisture removal. Integrated with dual EC fans with variable control and an electronic humidistat, it offers customizable drying performance for specific industrial requirements, such as high efficiency, deep drying, or high extraction.

Designed for versatility, the DD1200 allows for ducting of process and regeneration air, facilitating efficient airflow management in separate spaces. Constructed with a stainless steel casing, it ensures durability in challenging conditions while maintaining a compact upright design for easy accommodation in space-restricted areas.

Equipped with an integrated electronic humidistat for automatic control and an hour meter for job monitoring, the DD1200 offers both convenience and precision in moisture management. For added flexibility, a remote humidistat is available as an optional accessory.


Dimensions (H x W x D): 1420 x 580 x 718 mm
Weight: 120kg
Voltage: 415v
Phase: 3
Frequency (Hz): 50
Power (kW): 11.8
Current (A): 17
Process Airflow - Dry Air (m3/hr): 1198
Regen Airflow - Wet Air (m3/hr): 331
Process Air Duct Size (mm): 203
Regen Air Duct Size - Wet Air (mm): 152
Rotor Wheel Speed (rph): 13.6
Typical Extraction(l/d): 190
Min Operating Temp (°C): -20
Max OperatingTemp (°C): 40
On/Off Control: Yes
Electronic Controls: Yes
Manual / Automatic Mode Selection: Yes
Remote Humidistat Sensor Facility: Yes
Hours Run Meter: Yes
Mains Isolator: Yes
Variable Fan Speeds (Speed Controlled): Yes
High Capacity PTC Heater: Yes
Process / Regen Air Fliter: Yes
Dual Inlet Design: Yes
Free Standing: Yes
Humidistat: Yes
Stainless Steeel Construction: Yes
Inlet Duct Attachements : Yes
High Temperature Safety Cut-outs: Yes


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EBAC DD1200 Static Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier

  • Extracts Up To 190 Litres Per Day
  • Duct Air In & Out
  • Operating Temp Range -20°C to 40°C
  • Tough & Robust Build Quality
  • Two Variable EC Fans
  • Integrated Electronic Humidistat


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