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Dantherm Professional Water Damage Restorers - Advanced Insulation Drying Kit

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  • Premium Drying Package Deal
  • For Up To 70m² of Insulated Screen Floor
  • Featuring AERCUBE® Drying System
  • Multiple High-Quality Accessories
  • Professional Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Includes Accredited 2-Day Course
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Dantherm Water Damage Restoration – Professional Restorers – Advanced Insulation Drying Kit (Coverage up to 70m² of insulated screen floor)

The Drying System For Experts

It is crucial to deal with water damage in buildings as soon as the problem arises. The common causes include flooding, burst pipes and firefighting water. If left untreated, water damage can lead to free water and wet insulation, even to trapped water below the pavement.

This professional restorers kit is complete with the top-of-the-range equipment that can be flexibly adapted to suit a wide scope of drying applications. This package is especially designed for drying insulated constructions up to 70m² following water damage. Featuring advanced drying technology, professional thermography and an assortment of high-quality accessories, this premium package presents an exceptional deal not to be missed!

Plus, an official Dantherm Solutions Academy 2-Day Water Damage Restoration Course is included for free with the kit, from which you can develop your skillset and refine your expertise by learning from the best on safe, efficient and economical building drying with the opportunity to claim 6-8 CPD points.

AERCUBE® Manifold System

The AERCUBE® Manifold System applies highly advanced drying technology in a flexible modular structure. Featuring a special dirty water pump, two-stage HEPA filtration, a brushless multi-stage turbine and a sound absorber, this premium drying system boasts exceptional energy-efficiency, versatility and sustainability. You can stack, store or transport the AERCUBE® system without the risk of tipping. The rounded edges and corners maximise comfort whilst lifting and carrying the units, as well as prevent damage or injury of people and property.

All AERCUBE® modules included in this kit are designed to work in conjunction and seamlessly fit together in a stable tower construction. Each unit may be flexibly interchanged to suit different applications. From the vacuum drying method to the overpressure drying method, the AERCUBE® manifold system provides the right solution for every drying job.

AERCUBE® Vacuum Drying Method

This advanced water damage restoration kit provides various methods of effective insulation drying. You can deploy the AERCUBE® series in combination with the Aerial ASE 300 Adsorption Dehumidifier included in the package for a professional vacuum drying method.

Firstly, the room air is dried by the ASE 300, the dried air is then sucked over the expansion gap into the insulation layer. Moisture and free water are suctioned and separated by the VT 2 Water Separator via the manifold hose system. This process is aided by the vacuum pressure generated by the VP 6 Turbine.

The two-stage HEPA Filtration System HF 2 captures and removes dirt, bacteria and biomass, ensuring maximum hygiene to prevent room pollution and to protect each module throughout the process. Meanwhile, the SD 2 Sound Silencer is to be connected in order to minimise noise and disruption. The ASE 300 will efficiently remove remaining humidity from the filtrated air.

AERCUBE® Overpressure Drying Method

This method uses only the ASE 300 adsorption dehumidifier and the VP 6 turbine, combined with the SD 2 sound silencer for noiseless operation. The room air is dried out by the ASE 300. Then, via the floor holes drilled into the insulation layer by the VP 6 turbine. Moisture present in the insulation layer will be pushed out via the expansion gaps at the edge of the room. Requiring minimal units from the kit, this method is easy and convenient—ideal for on-the-go applications.

Professional Thermography In An Innovative Handheld Device

Trotec IC 200 Thermal Imaging Camera

The IC200 is a fully radiometric IR camera equipped with an advanced thermal sensor to continuously detect the smallest temperature changes in real-time, capturing every single image without blurring or omitting any important thermographic information. Weighing only 500g for easily portability, this ingenious camera system accommodates 49,152 independent measuring spots.

The IC200 impresses with flexible functionality, with the 3.5” touchscreen display with infinitely adjustable zoom. Plus, the IR camera boasts a variety of high-end documentation functions including DuoVision technology.

You can configure isotherms, create export reports, carry out point, line and rectangular measurements in the thermogram as well as combining infrared and real imagery live display to create a contour-accentuated thermal image. Each setting and function can be configured at any time whilst the IC200 continues to capture and record.


Aerial AERCUBE Manifold System SpecificationsVT 2 Water Separator Specifications
Pump type Robust sewage pump
Conveyor volume [m³/h]:  7
Max. conveyor height [m]:  5
Tank volume [I]:  20
Operating Temperature Range [°C]:  3 - 38
Power consumption [W]:  260
Power supply [V/Hz]:  230 / 1 ph / 50
Power cord [m]:  4.5 m with plug, heavy-duty version, (H07-cable) with magnet-holder for plug
Protection class IP44
Dimensions [mm]:  507 (H) x 390 (W) x 490 (D)
Weight [kg]:  18
VP 6 Noise Box with Turbine Specifications
Blower type Brushless high-performance turbine blower
Air flow (free blowing) [Speed:m²/m³/h]: 1/15/80 - 2/30/140 - 4/50/190 - 4/70/250
Excess pressurre [mbar]:  270
Low pressure [mbar]:  220
Max. motor power [W]:  1,280
Operating temperature range [°C]:  0 - 38
Power supply [V/Hz]:  230 / 1 ph / 50
Sound level @ 3 m [dB(A)]:  57
Power cord [m]:  4.5 m with plug, heavy-duty version, (H07-cable) with magnet-holder for plug
Protection class IP44
Dimensions [mm]:  507 (H) x 390 (W) x 455 (D)
Weight [kg]:  15
HEPA Filtration System HF 2 Specifications
Inserted air filter Each 1 pc. is included with the delivery: - prefilter G4 - HEPA-Filter H13 acc. EN1822 (Separation MPPS > 99.95%)
Max. air flow [m³/h]:  270
Control/operation LED indicator for filter change and button for battery check
Dimensions [mm]:  260 x 390 x 490
Weight [kg]:  6
SD 2 Sound Silencer Specifications
Max. air flow [m³/h]:  220
Dimensions [mm]  300 (H) x 390 (W) x 490 (D)
Excess pressurre [mbar]:  270
Aerial ASE 300 Dehumidifier Specifications
Capacity (20°C/60% RH) 25.7 L/24h
Air Volume - Dry Air/Regeneration Air 300/110 m³/h
Ext. Pressure - Dry Air/Regeneration Air 150/50 Pa
Operating Temp Range -10 - +35 °C
Operating Humidity Range 10-95 %
Nominal Power Consumption 1040 W
Power Supply 230 / 1 ph / 50 V/ Hz
Sound Level 57 dB(A)
Duct Sizes - Air Inlet 125 Ø mm
Dry Air Outlet 1x100 or 2x50 Ø mm
Regeneration Air Outlet 80 Ø mm
Dimensions [mm] 370 (H) x 335 (W) x 430 (D)
Weight 18 kg
Trotec IC200 Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications
Temperature (°C) Min. measuring range[°C]:  -20
Max. measuring range [°C]:  550
Max. accuracy:  +/-2°C or +/-2% of the current measured value (ambient temperature 10 °C to 35 °C, object temperature >0 °C)
Radiometric image performance Detector type:  Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Thermal sensitivity [30 °C]:  <0.1 °C
Image refresh rate:  25 Hz
Geometric resolution:  3.75 mrad
Standard lens | Radiometric image performance:  56° x 42°
Minimum focal length:  0.5 m
Field of vision (FOV):  56° x 42°  20
Display LCD 3.5"
Visual image performance (integrated digital camera) Video norm: HIMI
Standard lens: 65°
Interfaces USB (USB-C)
Composite video (video out)
Mains power 5V DC
Power supply Via battery (Li-ion)
via mains power DC 5V
Operating time Up to 4 h
Device control Touch function
Push buttons
Memory organisation Storage medium: Internal 3.4GB (+8GB via microSD)
Radiometric file format: JPEG/HIR
Visual file format: JPEG
Ambient conditions Operation - min. temperature [°C]: -10
Operation - max. temperature [°C]: 50
Storage - min. temperature [°C]: -40
Storage - max. temperature [°C]: 70
Min. humidity [%]: 10
Max. humidity (non-condensing) [%]: 90
Type of protection IP54 IEC 529
Shock 25G IEC 60068-2-29
Vibration 2G IEC 60068-2-6
Housing design [kg]:  16
Dimensions (packaging excluded) [mm]:  96 (L) x 77 (W) x 224 (H)
Weight (packaging excluded) [kg]:  0.5
STANDARD SCOPE OF DELIVERY Thermal imaging camera with standard lens
Protective cap
Temperature test certificate
Standard software package
MicroSD memory card
Internal memory
USB cable
Tripod fixing device
Li-ion battery
Battery charger with charging status indicator
Internal sensors Surface temperature [°C]
Surface temperature [°F]
Functions and features  DuoVision Plus, combined display of IR image and contour representation (real image)
Alarm function (acoustic) when exceeding/falling below freely configurable temperature values
Image display option IR image
Image display option real image
Up to 4 movable measuring spots (3x manual and 1x automatic temperature tracking)
Data transmission via WIFI
Degree of emission adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
Energy saving mode - user-defined
Freeze function
Isotherm measuring function - between upper and lower limit value
Automatic contrast and brightness setting
Profile analysis
Tripod mounting
Battery status indication
Automatic adjustment of temperature range
Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications for ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity
Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications regarding reflected object temperature
Integrated digital camera
Integrated photo lamp
Manual adjustment of brightness and contrast
16x Digital zoom (stepless)
Fixed focus
Mounting via a 1/4 inch - 20 connection
Saving of individual non-radiometric IR images directly on the storage medium
Saving of radiometric videos on the PC via WIFI
Saving of non-radiometric MPEG-4 IR videos directly on storage medium
Saving of fully radiometric JPEGs
Temperature comparison function
Voice recording

What's In The Box

1 x Aerial AERCUBE Manifold System: 

1 x Aerial AERCUBE System – VT2 Water Separator

1 x Aerial AERCUBE System – HF2 HEPA filter

1 x Aerial AERCUBE System – VP6 Turbine

1 x Aerial AERCUBE System – SD2 Sound Silencer

1 x 12m Length of 50mm Connection Hose

1 x Pair of Lashing Straps for AERCUBE

1 x Aerial ASE 300 Adsorption Dehumidifier

4 x 12m Length of 80mm Ducting for Desiccant Exhaust

4 x Trotec Border Joint Nozzles

1 x Trotec IC200 Thermal Imaging Camera

1 x Dantherm Solutions Academy 2-Day Water Damage Restoration Course


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Dantherm Professional Water Damage Restorers - Advanced Insulation Drying Kit

  • Premium Drying Package Deal
  • For Up To 70m² of Insulated Screen Floor
  • Featuring AERCUBE® Drying System
  • Multiple High-Quality Accessories
  • Professional Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Includes Accredited 2-Day Course


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