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Dantherm Professional Leak Detection - Expert Kit

  • Premium Leak Detection Equipment
  • Non-Destructive Tracer Gas Detector
  • Precise Acoustic Pinpoint Locator
  • Flat Roof Leak Detection System
  • Professional Thermography & Videoscope
  • Includes Accredited 2-Day Course

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Dantherm Professional Leak Detection Expert Kit

Fantastic Deal Featuring Free 2-Day Professional Course

Our leak detection kit is a professional premium package containing a wide variety of industry-leading sensors and investigatory instruments to enable you to locate the exact source of your leak and subsequently mitigate the issue. So, you can solve your water worries in no time with this Professional Leak Detection Advanced kit.

This fantastic package contains all the necessary instruments for safe and professional leak detection with no specialist training required. The deal also includes an official Dantherm Solutions Academy 2-Day Water Damage Restoration Course is included for free with the kit, from which you can develop your skillset and refine your expertise by learning from the best on safe, efficient and economical building drying with the opportunity to claim 6-8 CPD points.

Precise Acoustic Pinpoint Locator

Trotec LD6000 Combination Detector

Featuring the LD600 Combination Detector, an industry-leading acoustic pinpoint locator. Developed with highly sensitive microphones, the LD600 is designed to capture the smallest sounds for precise leak detection.

The LD6000 is also ideal for carrying out a variety of test methods, such as the tightness of weld-seams, tanks, boilers, pressure lines, trace gas leak detection in drinking water systems plus much more. All measurements can be viewed instantly via the high-resolution colour digital display complete with touchscreen functionality, buttons and rotary controls for ultimate convenience.

Provided with the LD6000 detector is the LD6000 BMW Wind-Protected Ground Microphone, equipped with a dead man’s switch, for operating compatibility in open and windy environments.

Advanced Non-Destructive Tracer Gas Detector

Hydrogen Leak Detector XRS 9012

The XRS 9012 is a practice-optimised hydrogen leak detector with a rapid response time, implementing hydrogen as a tracer gas for completely safe and non-destructive leak detection. The XRS 9012 is a premium testing solution for pipe bursts, line breaks and flat roof leak detection. The XRS system impresses with its sensitivity function which can be individually adjusted at the push of a button, ensuring a safe and efficient procedure suited to every task. The leak detector is encased in an ergonomic housing design, featuring a sophisticated curved shape for carrying close to the body. It is supplied with a shoulder strap in order to facilitate use with both hands.

Professional Impulse Current Measuring System

PD200 Flat Roof Leak Detection System

Featuring the PD200: a versatile and reliable pulse current measuring system for the precise pinpoint location of grounded leaks in foil and bitumen roofs, plus leak detection and quality control of flat roofs, terraces, swimming pools and more. The intelligent design of the PD200 features a clearly visible signal lamp and an additional acoustic signal transmitter for quick and reliable detections across the roof from almost every angle. Whilst the needle on the pulse receiver’s display points in the direction of the leak, an attenuator enables the adjustment of the signal strength.

Professional Thermography & Videoscope

IC3000 Thermal Imaging Camera

The IC3000 is a fully radiometric IR camera equipped with an advanced thermal sensor to continuously detect the smallest temperature changes in real-time, capturing every single image without blurring or omitting any important thermographic information. Weighing only 500g for easily portability, this ingenious camera system accommodates 110,592 independent measuring spots. The IC300 impresses with flexible functionality, with the 3.5” touchscreen display with infinitely adjustable zoom.

Plus, the IR camera boasts a variety of high-end documentation functions including DuoVision technology. You can configure isotherms, create export reports, carry out point, line and rectangular measurements in the thermogram as well as combining infrared and real imagery live display to create a contour-accentuated thermal image. Each setting and function can be configured at any time whilst the IC300 continues to capture and record.

VSC3008 Professional Videoscope

The professional VSC3008 is a lightweight yet robust videoscope designed for high-resolution visual inspections of poorly accessible areas. Featuring a bendable 3m push probe equipped with a titanium covered camera head with multiple powerful LEDs, the VSC3008 enables a high-definition panoramic view of hard-to-access components for detailed image and video documentation displayed on the 4.3” wide VGA LCD screen. The clever combination of the LEDs with variable brightness control and the joystick for easy manoeuvring of the probe, plus the 5x digital zoom, 440,000 pixel resolution and 130° field of view ensures the precisely detailed visual documentation you need for meticulous inspection results.


Trotec LD6000 Combination Detector Specifications
Sound Min. - Max. measuring range [Hz]:  0 - 4,000
Amplification [dB]:  120
Input impedance [Ω]:  1 m
Max. output impedance [Ω]:  10
Display LCD
Memory organisation Memory:  Internal flash memory for up to 20 measurements series and as buffer memory for recording long-term measurements of 5, 15, 30 and 60 min.
Storage type: Internal flash memory
Interfaces Bayonet (microphone)
Bayonet (sensor)
6.3 mm audio jack (headphones)
Device control Membrane keyboard
Control knobs
Housing design Plastic/metal
Protection class IP54
Ambient conditions Operation - min. - Max. temperature [°C]:  -5 - 55
Operating time Up to 14 hours in continuous operation
Up to 40 hours in normal usage
Power supply Battery type: 4 x type LR14 C 1.5 V
Dimensions (packaging excluded) [mm]:  210 (L) x 160 (W) x 60 (H)
Weight (packaging excluded) [kg]:  1.05
Standard scope of delivery Sound-protected headphones
Universal microphone
Tripod adapter for universal microphone
Palpation probe extension with tip for universal microphone
Shoulder strap for measuring device
Transport case
PC connection cable (special USB solution)
Operating manual
Magnetic adapter for universal microphone
Software LD6000 Transfer
Functions and features External sensors: Sound [digits]
Acoustic leak detection (audible sound) by use of F + L analysis function
Acoustic leak detection (audible sound) by use of smart analysis function
Acoustic long-term measuring (audible sound, logging function)
Acoustic pipe location via sound ranging
Trace gas leak detection
Minimum level indication
Averaged level
Acoustic pulse wave measurement
Automatic adjustment of filter frequencies
Automatic adjustment of sensor sensitivity
Preference memory function for manual filter settings
Sound level override protection
Trace gas detection with visual signal depending on the concentration
Trace gas detection with acoustic signal depending on the concentration
Control via touch function
Control via keys
Control via control dial
High-pass filter adjustable
Low-pass filter adjustable
Up to 256 freely selectable filters
Trotec LD6000 BMW Ground Microphone Specifications
Power supply Via basic device LD6000
Internal sensors Sound
Trotec Hydrogen Leak Detector XRS 9012 Specifications
Power supply External (power adaptor)
Operating time 13 hours at 20°C
Interfaces 3.5mm audio jack (headphones)
Device control Membrane keyboard
Protection class IP55
Weight (packaging excluded) [kg]:  1.9
External sensors Gas [H2]
Functions and features Trace gas leak detection
Fault indicator
Standard scope of delivery Measuring head XRS H21
Measuring device
Trotec PD200 Flat Roof Detection System Specifications
Generator unit Generator principle | Pulse current:  Voltage generator
Pulse current
Display No display
Interfaces Banana jack
Device control Push buttons
Control knobs
Housing design Metal
Protection class IP54
Power supply Internal (battery) -(receiver)
Input voltage [V/Hz] | Pulse current:  220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (packaging excluded) [mm]:  265 (L) x 465 (W) x 253 (H)
Weight (packaging excluded) [kg]:  8.5
Standard scope of delivery Generator
Pulse receiver and pulse current generator
Shoulder strap for pulse receiver
1 pair of measuring rods for pulse receiver
Connecting cable for loop (black)
Connecting cable for earthing (red)
Reel with 200 m of loop wiring
Reel with 25 m of earth cable extension (red)
Measuring rod connection cable red
Measuring rod connection cable black
Operating manual
Internal sensors Current [µA]
Functions and features Acoustic signal transmitter
Visual signal transmitter
Acoustic alarm signal in the event of a short circuit
Acoustic switch-off of the output signal in case of a short circuit
Trotec Videoscope VSC3008 Specifications
Display TFT
Size:  4.3 inch (800 x 480 pixels)
Max. output impedance [Ω]:  10
Power supply Internal (battery):  5 V Li-Po battery
External (power adaptor)
External (USB)
Connection plug: Eurostecker EN50075
Device control Keys
Storage type: Internal flash memory
Via joystick control unit
Ambient conditions Operation min. - Max. temperature [°C]:  -10 - 50
Operation - min. - Max. relative humidity [% r.F.]:  0 -90
Type of protection probe with measuring head IP67
Memory organisation SD card:  Max. 32 GB
Interfaces USB (type mini, 5-pin)
3.5 mm jack (video/audio in/out)
WLAN (optionally available)
Video norm PAL
File format Snapshot:  JPEG
Video:  AVI
Housing design Plastic - ABS
Probe / camera head Sonde / Kamerakopf:  Ø = 8 mm/ , L = 3.000 mm
Field of vision | Videoscope [°]:  130
Type of illumination | Videoscope:  10-fold LED
Zoom | Videoscope:  3x digital
Dimensions (packaging excluded) [mm]:  560 (L) x 460 (W) x 160 (H)
Weight (packaging excluded) [kg]: 0.96
Standard scope of delivery Videoscope
RCA cable
SD memory card (8 GB)
Cleaning cloth
Transport case
Power adaptor
5 V Li-Po battery pack
Operating manual
External sensors (packaging excluded) [kg]: 0.96
Functions and features Zoom function
Brightness control
Video recording
Photo recording
Multilingual on-screen menu
Fixed focus lens
Shooting and saving individual images and complete video sequences
Trotec IC300 Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications
Temperature (°C)  Min. - Max. measuring range [°C]:  -20 - 650
Max. accuracy:  +/-2°C or +/-2% of the current measured value
Radiometric image performance Detector type: Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Thermal sensitivity [30°C]:  <0.05°C
Image refresh rate:  50 Hz
Geometric resolution:  1.89 mrad
Standard lens | Radiometric image performance:  41.5° x 31.1°
Minimum focal length:  0.5 m
Field of vision (FOV):  41.5° x 31.1°
Display LCD 3.5"
Visual image performance (integrated digital camera)  Video norm:  HIMI
Standard lens | Visual image performance (integrated digital camera):  65°
Interfaces USB (USB-C)
Composite video (video out)
Mains power 5V DC>br />Wifi
Power supply Via battery (Li-ion)
via mains power DC 5V
Operating time Up to 4 h
Device control
Touch function
Push buttons
Memory organisation Storage medium:  Internal 3.4GB (+8GB via microSD)
Radiometric file format:  JPEG/HIR
Visual file format:  JPEG
Ambient conditions Operation - min. - Max. temperature [°C]:  -15 - 50
Storage - min. - Max. temperature [°C]:  -40 - 70
Min. humidity [%]:  10
Max. humidity (non-condensing) [%]:  90
Type of protection IP54 IEC 529
Shock: 25G IEC 60068-2-29
Vibration: 2G IEC 60068-2-6
Housing design Plastics
Dimensions (packaging excluded) [mm]: 96 (L) x 77 (W) x 224 (H)
Weight (packaging excluded) [kg]:  0.5
Standard scope of delivery Thermal imaging camera with standard lensbr />Protective cap
Temperature test certificate
Standard software package
MicroSD memory card
Internal memory
USB cable
Tripod fixing device
Li-ion battery
Battery charger with charging status indicator
Internal sensors Surface temperature [°C]
Surface temperature [°F]
Functions and features DuoVision Plus, combined display of IR image and contour representation (real image)
Alarm function (acoustic) when exceeding/falling below freely configurable temperature values
Image display option IR image
Image display option real image
Up to 4 movable measuring spots (3x manual and 1x automatic temperature tracking)
Data transmission via WIFI
Degree of emission adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
Energy saving mode - user-defined
Freeze function
Isotherm measuring function - between upper and lower limit value
Automatic contrast and brightness setting
Profile analysis
Tripod mounting
Battery status indication
Automatic adjustment of temperature range
Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications for ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity
Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications regarding reflected object temperature
Integrated digital camera
Integrated photo lamp
Manual adjustment of brightness and contrast
Manual focus
16x Digital zoom (stepless)
Mounting via a 1/4 inch - 20 connection
Saving of individual non-radiometric IR images directly on the storage medium
Saving of radiometric videos on the PC via WIFI
Saving of non-radiometric MPEG-4 IR videos directly on storage medium
Saving of fully radiometric JPEGs
Temperature comparison function
Voice recording

What's In The Box

1 x Trotec LD6000 Combination Detector

1 x LD6000 BMW Ground Microphone

1 x Trotec Hydrogen Leak Detector XRS 9012

1 x Trotec PD200 Flat Roof Leak Detection System

1 x Trotec VSC3008 Videoscope

1 x Trotec IC 300 Thermal Imaging Camera

1 x Dantherm Solutions Academy 2-Day Water Damage Restoration Course


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Dantherm Professional Leak Detection - Expert Kit

  • Premium Leak Detection Equipment
  • Non-Destructive Tracer Gas Detector
  • Precise Acoustic Pinpoint Locator
  • Flat Roof Leak Detection System
  • Professional Thermography & Videoscope
  • Includes Accredited 2-Day Course


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