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Dantherm Escape of Water Mitigation Package (Large)

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  • High-Quality Drying Package
  • Mitigate Medium Water Loss
  • Rapid TFV 29 FS Radial Turbo Fan
  • TTK Power Qube Dehumidifier
  • AppSensor Moisture Tracking
  • Fantastic Value Deal
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Dantherm Large Escape of Water Mitigation Package

A fantastic flood drying package deal 

Feel like you are treading water whilst dealing with a burst pipe or extensive flooding? Or are you simply swamped under by a high humidity situation? Not to worry, this Dantherm water mitigation package is just the lifeline you need. With this fantastic deal you can conduct effective water mitigation with ease, expertise, and efficiency, preventing further leakage and damage to your property.

Featuring four premium compressor dehumidifiers, eight multifaceted radial fans, and two smart app-controlled electronic sensors, this fantastic package deal is created with versatility, durability and reliability as central to design. This fantastic value package deal delivers a highly effective and efficient drying solution for small-scale water damage or humidity control in homes or offices, or for general drying purposes.

With ultra-low noise emissions and super-compact units, the Trotec Water Mitigation package is barely noticeable physically, unlike its exceptional performance. Featuring astonishing power-to-weight ratio, the ultra-compact “power cube” and super-slim fan are designed to be carried with ease. This makes the Dantherm Water Mitigation Package an ideal on-the-go solution for any emergency drying task!

Premium Professional Dehumidification

Small but mighty Trotec TTK QUBE

The Trotec TTK "power cube" delivers premium drying performance with a powerful 0.37kW rotation compressor, which is capable of high dehumidification with low consumption.

This top drying performer is supported by a sophisticated operating panel, permitting control of the entire dehumidification performance. This includes a comfort function for near-silent dehumidification operation – ideal for overnight use in residential areas.

Featuring hot gas defrost function, the Qube is suitable for use in unheated rooms, assisted by the generous 10-meter head delivery to pump condensate away, even across to another building if required.

Exceptional Rapid Drying Results

Trotec TFV 29 FS Radial Turbo Fan

The multifaceted design of the Trotec TFV 29 FS turbo fan ensures that it is the ideal space-saving solution for any drying task, with flexible operating positions and multiple outlets so you can place the ultra-compact fan in any tight space and accelerate the process of drying walls, ceilings, surfaces or entire stairwells.

With eight TFV 29 FS models included in this fantastic package, you can expect exceptional drying results when used in conjunction with the Qube.

Track, Monitor & Analyse Moisture Values

AppSensor Moisture Indicator & Thermohygrometer

This amazing deal also includes two electronic sensor devices for measuring near-surface moisture values, assessing the extent of water damage, the air temperature and relative humidity levels.

When used in combination with the MultiMeasure Smartphone app, the BM31WP AppSensor Moisture Indicator and BC21WP AppSensor Thermohygrometer creates a humidity matrix for tracking and analysing moisture values, plus assessing the extent of water damage.

This offers an intelligent fix for finding the root of your moisture problem, whilst the dehumidifying cubes and radial fans can help you manage it.

Don’t miss this unbeatable deal packed with premium products, providing everything you will need to conduct a professional large-scale water damage restoration project.


TTK QUBE Compact Dehumidifier Specifications
Dehumidification Performance Max. 20 L/24h
Air Flow Rate Max. 283 m³/h
Recommended Room Size 110 m³ / 45 m²
Ambient Temperature Range 5 - 35 °C
Humidity Range 50 - 90% r.F.
Electrical Values Mains Connection:  220 - 240 V/50 Hz
Nominal Current:  1.7 A
Power Input:  0.362 kW
Recommended Fusing:  10 A
Compressor Type Rotary and Reciprocating Piston Compressor
Refrigerant Type R1234yf, 140 g, GWP 4, CO2 eq. 0.00056
Pressure Suction Side:  0.3 MPa
Outlet Side:  1.6 MPa
Max. Permissible:  1.8 MPa
Sound Level 53 dB(A) at 1 m
Features Comfort Mode, Operating Control Lamp, Automatic Switch-Off, Drainage Button, External Condensate Drain Connection
Dimensions Length:  315 mm
Width:  382 mm
Height:  340 mm
Weight 16 kg
Trotec TFV 29 FS Radial Fan Specifications
Air Flow Rate Max. 1,150 m³/h
Air Current Blowing out, Sucking in
Fan Stages 1 (Radial and Axial)
Air Discharge Velocity 7 m/s
Air Pressure Max. 290 Pa
Transport Medium Temperature Max. 60 °C
Electrical Values Mains connection:  230 V/50 Hz
Nominal current:  0.74 A
Power input:  0.17 kW
Electric Connection Plug: CEE 7/7
Cable length: 5 m
Safety Feature IP44 protection
Sound Values 64 dB(A) at 3 m
Operating Hours Counter Integrated
Dimensions 520 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 255 mm (H)
Weight 11 kg (packaging excluded)
BM31WP Moisture Indicator Specifications
Material Moisture Min. Range:  0
Max. Range:  100
Resolution:  0.1
Measuring Principle:  Dielectric / Capacitive
Ambient Conditions Operating Temperature:  0°C to 50°C
Min. Relative Humidity:  10% r.F.
Max. Relative Humidity:  90% r.F.
Relative Humidity During Storage:  < 80% RH
Bluetooth Version:  4.0 (BLE)
Max. Transmission Range:  10m in open terrain
Dimensions Length:  22 mm
Width:  36 mm
Height:  160 mm
Weight 0.093 kg (packaging excluded)
BC21WP Thermohygrometer Specifications
Air Temperature [°C] Min. Range:  -20°C
Max. Range:  60°C
Resolution:  0.1°C
Accuracy:  ±0.8°C (at -20°C to 0°C), ±0.5°C (at 0°C to 60°C)
Air Temperature [°F] Min. Range:  -4°F
Max. Range:  140°F
Resolution:  0.1°F
Accuracy:  ±0.5°F
Relative Humidity [%] Min. Range:  0%
Max. Range:  100%
Specified Min. Range:  5%
Specified Max. Range:  95%
Resolution:  0.1%
Bluetooth Version:  4.0 (BLE)
Max. Transmission Range:  10m in open terrain
Power Supply 3 x 1.5V, AAA
Ambient Conditions Operating Temperature:  -20°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity:  10% to 90% r.F. (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature:  -20°C to 60°C
Storage Humidity:  Up to 90% r.F. (non-condensing)
Dimensions Length:  22 mm
Width:  32 mm
Height:  226 mm

What's In The Box

4 x Trotec QUBE

8 x Trotec TFV 29 FS

1 x Trotec BM31WP App Sensor Moisture Indicator

1 x Trotec BC21WP Thermohygrometer


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Dantherm Escape of Water Mitigation Package (Large)

  • High-Quality Drying Package
  • Mitigate Medium Water Loss
  • Rapid TFV 29 FS Radial Turbo Fan
  • TTK Power Qube Dehumidifier
  • AppSensor Moisture Tracking
  • Fantastic Value Deal


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