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Dri-Eaz The Cube Dehumidifier 43 litres

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  2 Year Warranty

  • Extracts Up To 43L/Day
  • Wide Operating Temp Range
  • Auto Condensate Pumpout
  • Integrated Digital Humidistat
  • Digital Control Panel Display
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Dri-Eaz The Cube Professional Dehumidifier

Compact industrial dehumidifier designed to perform in challenging environments

The Dri-Eaz Cube dehumidifier is a high-performance machine that can remove up to 43-litres of moisture from the air per day. It is a versatile unit perfect for most temporary drying applications, such as fire and water damage restoration, structural drying, wet trade drying, and more. The Cube is a robust and compact dehumidifier that can fit into small, enclosed spaces for convenient space and structure drying. It has a wide operating temperature range of 1°C–38°C, so it is suitable for use during colder months and on unheated sites. The Dri-Eaz Cube is also lightweight and portable. It is easy to carry and stackable for transport and storage.

The Cube has an integrated digital humidistat and control panel display that allows for ongoing humidity control. The display also shows the inlet and outlet temp and relative humidity in real-time for accurate operation monitoring. The controls and display can be set to 4 different languages. Additionally, the Dri-Eaz Cube has an automatic condensate pumpout feature that extracts water via a 6m drainage hose to be left running while unattended for continuous operation.

The Dri-Eaz Cube is a low humidity dehumidifier that is more efficient than standard refrigerant dehumidifiers in more challenging conditions, such as cold spaces and low humidity conditions. It is ideal for the later stages of dehumidifying when porous and dense materials are harder to dry. The Cube offers a reduced environmental impact and is also more cost-effective because of how it manages lower humidity and vapour pressure.


Water removal (30°C/80% RH): 43L/day
Water removal (27°C/60% RH): 28 L/day
Water removal (20°C/60% RH): 22 L/day
Process air movement: 220 m3/h
Dimensions (w × h × d): 28.7 × 38.9 × 40.1 cm
Weight (w/ cord and hose): 22.7 kg 
Amps: 2.4A (230v)
Volts: 230v
Frequency: 50Hz
Power (compressor rating): 1544W (230v)
Operating temperature range: 1°C–38°C
Sound level: Does not exceed 70 dB
Drainage hose length: 6m
Power cord length: 7.6m
Air filter included: Yes
Warranty: Two years

What's In The Box

Dri-Eaz The Cube Dehumidifier
6m drainage hose
7.6m power cord
Mesh air filter


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Dri-Eaz The Cube Dehumidifier

  • Extracts Up To 43L/Day
  • Wide Operating Temp Range
  • Auto Condensate Pumpout
  • Integrated Digital Humidistat
  • Digital Control Panel Display


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