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Woods AD20G Hybrid Dehumidifier & Air Purifier 230v 23 Litres

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  6 Year Warranty

  • Extracts Up To 23 Litres Per Day
  • 4L Internal Tank
  • Quiet Operation (≤52dB)
  • Intergrated Humidistat & Timer
  • Patented Filtration Technology
  • Smart Laundry Mode
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Woods AD20G 23L Hybrid Dehumidifier & Air Purifier

Versatile Solution Packed with Smart Features

The Woods AD20G stands as a smart hybrid unit, combining cutting-edge technology to ensure an optimal indoor climate. This innovative solution efficiently tackles excess moisture and odours, while its patented air purification system effectively removes harmful particles from the air. With a maximum extraction capacity of up to 23 litres per day, this portable hybrid compressor dehumidifier and air purifier caters to residential and commercial spaces of up to 100m², operating reliably within a temperature range of 5°C to 35°C.

Combining Woods' expertise in energy efficiency and reliable climate control with their unique Swedish filtration system, the AD20G guarantees the highest quality indoor air. Drawing in large volumes of humid air, up to 250m³/hr, the dehumidification process utilizes natural condensation to eliminate moisture. Meanwhile, the air purification mode operates with a maximum airflow of 350m³/hr, offering variable fan speeds for customized air circulation intensity.

The patented active ION HEPA filters, manufactured in Sweden, effectively purify the air by eliminating harmful particles, boasting a distinctive design for superior filtration performance. With a noise level of only 52dB, this unit operates quietly, making it ideal for homes and offices. Adopting a greener approach, it utilizes the refrigerant gas R290, meeting future EU regulations regarding eco-friendly gases.

Equipped with an air quality indicator sensor, the AD20G enables monitoring of humidity and air pollution levels for optimal adjustments. Featuring an auto restart feature and laundry mode, this unit offers added convenience, along with two condensate disposal options and customizable humidity levels and operating times via its humidistat and 12-hour timer. With its intelligent features, the Woods AD20G stands as a pinnacle of advanced hybrid dehumidifiers and air purifiers.


Specifications dehumidification:

Maximum work area: 100 m²
Recommended work area: 2-60 m²
Dehumidification at 27ºC & 60% RH: 14 litres/day
Dehumidification at 30ºC & 80% RH: 23 litres/day
Power at 26.7ºC & 60% RH: 240 W
Power at 30ºC & 80% RH: 290 W
Working interval temperature: +5 to +35ºC
Fan stage dehumidification: 4
Airflow: 140-250 m³/h
Speed 1: 140 m³/h
Speed 2: 155 m³/h
Speed 3: 185 m³/h
Speed 4: 235 m³/h
Laundry mode 250 m³/h
Hose connection: Yes
Tank volume: 4 litres
Noise level: about 52 dB
Cooling media: Freon-free R290 (65g)
Protection class: IP21 (X1)
Product dimensions (LxWxH): 343x300x617 mm
Weight: 15 kg

Specifications purification:

Airflow: 55 - 350 m³/h
Power of air purification: 5.5 - 44 W
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 300 m³/h
Fan speed: 5
Speed 1: 55 m³/h
Speed 2: 155 m³/h
Speed 3: 235 m³/h
Speed 4: 265 m³/h
Speed 5: 350 m³/h
Degree of purification: 99.98%
Air filter: Active ION HEPA filter


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Woods AD20G Hybrid Dehumidifier & Air Purifier 230v

  • Extracts Up To 23 Litres Per Day
  • 4L Internal Tank
  • Quiet Operation (≤52dB)
  • Intergrated Humidistat & Timer
  • Patented Filtration Technology
  • Smart Laundry Mode


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